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On June 20, 2012, President Obama's campaign attorney, Robert Bauer, made a written demand upon Karl Rove to disclose contributors to Crossroads GPS.  Coincidentally, Public Campaign and Public Citizen presidents and a Common Cause representative led the presentation of a citizens' indictment of Karl Rove at the offices of Crossroads GPS in Washington, DC.  That evening Rove appeared on Greta Van Susteren's Fox TV show.  In response to the question, "Is Crossroads GPS a charitable organization and , if so, how do you know that to be the case," Rove launched into an attack upon Jill Simpson.  Rove asserted that Simpson was behind this "thuggish" attempt to "intimidate" his contributors.

Rove attacked Simpson again at the Republican Convention, asserting that she was behind Craig Unger's book "Boss Rove" and its assertion that Rove was behind the death of Rove's former IT guru Mike Connell.

Jill Simpson responded with national research of Rove's current election empire and communication of that research in two national press conferences in addition to reports along the way to appropriate interested parties, including the office of White House counsel.

Her work in conjunction with the cutting edge investigative journalism of Bob Fitrakis and Gerry Bello of the Columbus Free Press and the commitment of FBI and DOJ resources on election day to monitor both voter suppression and election fraud activity effectively blocked Rove's traditional red shifting of votes in the Presidential and US Senate races of 2012.

On election night 2012, this time on Chris Wallace's Fox News program, Rove displayed his disconnection from reality in his insistence that Fox News had jumped the gun in calling Ohio for Obama.

Support the continuing proactive election protection work led by Jill Simpson with a tax deductible contribution to Election Protection Action Education and Defense Fund at ElectionProtectionAction.org.


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Funds are needed for contract legal services in connection with the establishment of Jill Simpson's election protection action organizations and the preemptive litigation to spotlight and neutralize the "experimental" patches installed by ES&S and the Ohio SOS Jon Husted on 25 Ohio county tabulators, the services of Jill's assistant Jim March in the national survey of Rove's operations, further research of Rove's electronic voting operations and further litigation in regard to them.

I serve as treasurer to both the Election Protection Action Education and Defense Fund and Election Protection Action, Inc.

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