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It's been a rough year for the Grand Old Party.  Let's look back at some fond memories of how the Republicans lost the War on 2012.


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10) Scott Brown loses his Senate seat, hands the keys to Ted Kennedy's washroom to Elizabeth Warren.

9) Todd Aiken proved his theory of legitimate rape politically, as the body politic of Missouri aborts his Senate campaign.

8) FOX News credibility goes up in smoke after admitting the channel is just Soviet-style propaganda for the Republicans--not to mention does Soviet-style wiretapping for news ratings.

7) Overweight and overwrought Rush Limbaugh loses half of his advertisers and a number of his stations after he loses highly publicized arm-wrestling match with legal lion Sandra Fluke in her first-ever televised match.

6) Karl Rove loses his cushy job as Fox prognosticator, his superPACs spending looks like what he accuses Democrats of: boatloads of cash all spent ineffectively.  
6A) He also loses his National Math Merit Badge to Nate Silver.

5) No More Mr. Nice President: Obama stops trying to make deals with the GOP no matter what the deal is, finally wins a hand of gin rummy.  

4) John Boehner is unable keep his majority in the House of Representatives in line, forced to return his last name's pronunciation to "boner."

3) Mitt Romney loses to President Obama, tries rapping the Beatles song "Money Can't Buy Me Love--Or The Presidency" and gets kicked out of Tony Awards ceremony.

2) Fiscal conservative policy defects to the Democrats in response to the Republican platform of "Lower taxes for the rich always means more money for government!"

1) Sanity.

Good night and good luck, everyone.  See you in 2013!

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