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Want to take your mind off the fiscal cliff negotiations? Then this is the story for you. It's the top ten community stories of 2012. I used Google Analytics to compile the data with the only stipulations being that the story had to be from the community (no staff content) and it had to be published in 2012. It may surprise you to learn that the most viewed diary in 2012 was a diary from 2008 titled "Global Food Disparity: a Photo Diary." That diary has been a consistent performer ever since it was published. The number of pageviews as of 12/28 is in parentheses.  

So here we go:

Top ten community stories in 2012

10. The One Comic That Explains Just How Screwed America Is by Occupy Posters (259,422 views)

9. Inside the Hostess Bankery by blue barnstormer (261,723 views)

8. Breaking: Did Romney Pay Zero Taxes From 1996 To 2009? by kavips (264,388 views)

7. I was denied free voter ID today: Pennsylvania by foldingBicycle (292,773 views)

6. The #Sensata Story Could Destroy Romney by TheNewDeal00 (297,592 views)

5. Romney to teacher "I didn't ask you a question" by ThatPostGirl (307,123 views)

4. Stephen Colbert destroys Romney's tax plan with one simple question by BruinKid (383,126 views)

3.To the 16-Year-Old Who Knocked on My Door, Asking That I Vote for Obama by The Troubadour (409,500 views)

2. An open letter to the people who hate Obama more than they love America by MinistryOfTruth (420,874 views)

1. Ann Coulter tears the mask off FOX by 8ackgr0und N015e (424,003 views)

Thanks so much to all of these writers and to all of the people who read and shared their content widely.

Happy New Year!


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