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In a universe such as this, it is a mistake not to allow for possibilities.


Orion - courtesy of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope


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That's what keeps me going, for (among other things) it allows me the thought that somewhere - in this universe or the next - there may exist an alternate dimension in which the arc of history actually does bend toward justice. I just hate to give up my ideals and admit that this life is absurd, that humanity flunks the test, that we're not going anywhere where greed, fear and loathing will not take us. That humanity is going to crash and burn because it can't overcome its own foolishness.

Who ever thought any of this would ultimately work out anyway? As a friend of mine used to say. The thought that that bleak and cynical view may not be absolutely true just everywhere and at everytime throughout the space/time continuum, across the entirety of the universe, and within and between what others there may be including all possible dimensions, is one I find comforting. I like to think (and perhaps that's all it is) that justice and compassion exists out there somewhere in abundance.

Ah, for an existence where kindness is rewarded, admired, respected. Where justice is a strongly upheld principle, allowing us to be good to each other, and fair with each other. Widespread compassion alone, even in our flawed dimension, would go so far toward making this a more perfect existence – even without my inbred wishful thinking for a more perfect world. I would alleviate all suffering, if it were up to me. Some wise men would call me rash. They believe suffering purifies the soul. I could do without it. My soul feels pure enough.

I yearn for a perfect world, but I'm willing to settle for a more perfect one. I draw the line at less perfect.

Not that that ever does any good.

Call me a cynical idealist.

Happy New Year everyone.


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Originally posted to One Pissed Off Liberal on Tue Jan 01, 2013 at 07:22 AM PST.

Also republished by Extraterrestrial Anthropologists.

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