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As I had posted previously:

This [fiscal cliff] deal is about the corporatist Dems and the establishment repubs trying to keep the US & world stock markets propped up.

However, the House GOP teabaggers don't give a damn about propping up the stock markets; the House GOP teabaggers likely WANT to see the stock markets crash & burn, just to embarrass Obama, because in their eyes he is illegitimate (because he is black.)

Thus, the House GOP teabaggers will scuttle this latest deal and Boehner will have to accommodate them or else lose his own Speakership.

Permit me now to elaborate on this a bit further:

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By "the corporatist Dems" and "the establishment repubs", I mean those political players who comfortably inhabit a grey area, a political twilight zone area where the Dems intersect with the repubs and are indistinguishable from each other when it comes to doing the bidding of Wall St., big finance, the big banks, etc. Playing in this political twilight zone area are (or were) Bernanke, Geithner, Rahm Emmanuel, the Clintons, OBAMA,  BIDEN, Mitch McConnell, the Bushes, Hank Paulson, etc.

The only way to understand Obama's actions regarding any fiscal cliff and/or debt ceiling deals is to view Obama as a corporatist, plain & simple; then it all makes sense. I am not saying that this is acceptable or good mind you, I am merely saying that this is how one here can understand Obama's actions regarding any major financial deals or financial policy.

Please realize this now people, Obama is NOT:

A.) a weak or a poor negotiator who is constantly outwitted/outnegotiated by the repubs;

B.) a great compromiser like Lincoln;

C.) a clever-like-a-fox unfathomable 11-dimensional political player genius.

Obama is NONE of those things!

When you can't understand why in the heck Obama does what he does regarding any sort of major financial policy or major financial deal, forget about those descriptions, and just view Obama as a representitive NOT of classic Dem interests, but rather as a corporatist primarily representing the interests of Wall St., big finance, the big banks, etc.

Now, as far as understanding Boehner and the House GOP Teabagger wing, they are BOTH fighting right now for their very political survival. The House GOP Teabagger wing was elected/reelected basically to represent a hateful ignorant racist Teabagger constituency that considers Obama illegitimate because Obama is black, period, that's it, plain & simple. The House GOP Teabagger wing MUST therefore deny Obama ANY reasonable fiscal cliff and/or debt ceiling deals at all, so that Obama will look like an epic fail.

As for Boehner, he is now fighting for his Speaker position; if Boehner does anything which would make Obama look like a success, such as try to pass the current senate fiscal cliff deal with a coalition of most House Dems and a few "rational" corporatist House repubs (i.e., Boehner thus breaks the Hastert rule), the House GOP Teabagger wing will vote to strip Boehner of his speakership.

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