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Anyone feeling like we got the short end of the stick should read the comments. You'll enjoy them. Consider this your little bit of zen.



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Paula Bolyard:

I'm watching this dreadful Rules Committee meeting on C-SPAN. The Dems are passionate, ranting like loons against the rich, the wars, George Bush, and the Tea Party. They've trotted out Louise Slaughter, Sheila Jackson Lee, Marcy Kaptur and a handful of other rabid libs.

Our side? We have polite Rep. David Dreier, Chairman of the Rules Committee in his swan song, congratulating everyone on their amiable bipartisanship and doing the right thing for the country. Perhaps Boehner has Louis Gohmert and Allen West locked in a closet somewhere with goons whispering, "Nice family you've got there. It'd be a shame if anything happened to them..."

But really, this 15 minute moment in time shows us what's wrong with the GOP. The other side fights tooth and nail to win and they never, ever, ever stop. Our side gives up before the fight has begun and the only question they ask is, "How much territory shall we cede?"


Right now all that conservative 'unity' has achieved is consistent failure, the government spending bill, the debt ceiling, the payroll tax extension, the general election, the fiscal cliff - failure after failure after failure as Obama and the Democrats have successfully exploited the 'united' conservative wing to great effect through divide and conquer tactics.

As it happened, Boehner's attempt at herding cats failed miserably, the House lost any leverage or credibility in the fiscal cliff negotiations and have been left as nothing more than a rubber-stamp on whatever Obama and the Democrat Senate was prepared to pass.
Is anybody actually surprised by this? Since 2010, when push comes to shove the GOP leaders in the House and the Senate have shown every single time that they would rather vote with the liberals than with the Tea Party.
100 years ago the country elected Woodrow Wilson, and thus began the incremental Progressive revolution against our Constitution and founding principles. B. Hussein Obama fully intends to put the final nail in the coffin of our founding. Republican collaborators need to be electorally "executed," for they too are de facto traitors against our nation -- their "bipartisanship" is our "sedition."
As long as the Republican Party continues to be led by "False Prophets" it will never succeed and likely never win another national election. Frankly, I will not refer to myself as a Republican again until I see something change, which I don't expect.
I looks to me like the National Republican Party wants to be in the same position as the Chicago Republican Party, permanent minority status. There is no need for talk of a new 3rd party either as there already is one.
I just said about the same thing, that Republicans leaders have been played for fools! Boehner and McConnell should have shut up and let the Dem majority lead American away from the cliff by passing or amending HR 8.
This is a spectacular failure of leadership. McConnell and Boehner have both played right into Obama's narrative that the problems in America stem from the "rich" hoarding all the money, and that the way to improve this country is to redistribute the wealth.
Voting now....57 Rs have voted yes meaning that Speaker to be Pelosi has what she needs to pass. At least it's happening quickly, sort of like election night, a crushing blow that stuns and removes all feeling.
Boehner just assured the demise of many incumbents in the next Republican primary.
votemout2012 • an hour ago
I want know know the names of the cowards who voted for this garbage!
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oldmom2  votemout2012 • 41 minutes ago
I'm shocked...one is Paul Ryan!

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