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We've taken great pleasure in the implosion of the GOP over the last few days. From Peter King having an aneurysm on live television to comments on Redstate denouncing the Republican Party, the GOP hasn't had a very good start to 2013.

One of the ways we laugh at their anguish is to take a stroll over to Drudge and Redstate and watch the complete meltdown as top conservative armchair analysts decry the betrayal that was a deal with the Democrats. The ironic part of this, though, is that both commenters on DailyKos and Redstate are saying almost the exact same things -- we were sold out, betrayed, capitulated, we're done, over, never voting for the _ Party again! Yada yada yada.

So I thought it would be fun to copy a few of the more hyperbolic comments about our evil child-killing, grandma-starving, usurper-in-chief and see if you can guess which comment comes from which site. I'll post the answers in a comment below the tip jar. Note: Some of the comments are snipped to shorten and/or remove references to parties that would give the answer away.

Are you ready? It starts over the squiggle.


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Comment 1:

Obama is a liar who lied to America right in their faces. [...] Obama is will go down in history as a president without a backbone.
Comment 2:
Then he lied again, many times, in his latest campaign saying he would not cut Social Security.

Nancy Pelosi's Orwellian denial that chained CPI is a cut does not save Obama from being called on his campaign lies.

Comment 3:
There is someone in the oval office who does not fit the definition of an administrator, hence there is no President Obama.
Comment 4:
After this debacle I'm more of an unbeliever than ever. God preserve us from the duplicious Obama.
Comment 5:
Watch out  grandma and grandpa, Obama will be coming for your "entitlements" now to pay for his employment strategy of Endless Pointless War. What's that?! You don't think of them as entitlements because you paid for them in taxes your whole life. Well, fuck you, go die under a bridge.

I need to apologize to eveyone who told me that Obama IS 'THE ONE'. You were so right.

Comment 6, in reply to someone saying there are no job opportunities for seniors in this economy:
go set appointments for some bullshit company, go take a temp gig doing data entry, go do whatever nonsense comes down the pike. It is what I do to get by since I was laid off back in 09. You do what you have to do. You cutback. Crying about it doesn't solve the problem. If we had a healthier economy we'd have better options, right now our options are limited to shit jobs for shit pay.
Comment 7:
You will note, I did try to reason with him, but now I think chanting OBAMA is even more appropriate.  If they want to be a cult, they should build their own church.
Comment 8:
Hero worship is not a virtue.
Comment 9:
didn't say they were, but they are not going to die nor are they going to starve, in fact very little will change, except they'll have to find a shit job to cover what they were making on unemployment just like I did when I saw this fiscal cliff nonsense playing out. [...] I guess I am smarter then the President and the [...] leadership because I planned for this crap.
Comment 10:
There is nothing to worry about. The party will cave once again after putting on a clown show when it comes to the debt ceiling. They have no one willing to fight for what is right.
So...which comments are from DailyKos and which are from Redstate?

They're all from DailyKos, except for that last one. That's from Redstate.

Source links are available upon request, if you so desire.

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