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This is what Republicans are all about.

This is the constituency they serve.

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This is the god they serve.

I know they ‘sing’ a loud tune when it comes to ‘God,’ but their behavior says this is their REAL god. If they don’t like that, they need to change their behavior. History says they’re not about to do that, sad though it may be.

The Dollar is infinitely more important than any citizen. It isn’t sentient, it cannot vote, but make no mistake, it is more important than you are. More important than any citizen is. Serving it is more important than any other policy objective for Republicans. No, the dollar won’t care one way or the other. It SHOULD be nothing more than a tool for human beings. But, with Republicans, it has taken on a life of its own. An importance beyond all importance.

Sad, isn’t it? 

Of course, it isn’t quite as important if Republicans are in the majority, because, then, deficits do not matter. Even if they won’t acknowledge that any governmental expenditure is worthwhile, outside of defense, prisons, voter disenfranchisement and prioritizing the rights of gun owners over the right of our children to life and education. And, you know, Dollars won't act entitled, and they won't call or send letters demanding action on ridiculous things government has no business touching, like those worthless citizens are wont to do.

Thanks for visiting tonight! On to tonight’s comments! (Compiled and formatted and made magical by brillig!)

Preach it, Brother Ben, oh hell yes.


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From Its the Supreme Court Stupid:
In kos' Front Page piece expressing schadenfruede over the delicious disarray in the GOP ranks, bubbanomics hilariously brings us back down to reality.
From cohenzee:
Eileen B points out the absurdity that is Luke Russert in this comment.
From politik and peregrine kate:
puakev struck a chord with many when he commented in Armando's diary What's Done Is Done today that it's time for us to stop playing defense and instead go to offense with our progressive objectives. Great topic for a diary (or twenty) as well.
From a gilas girl:
Mine is a different order of top comment submission, tonight, chosen not so much for content, but approach...

In his own APR this morning, Greg Dworkin had a response comment that is a great "teachable moment", about how to handle folks trying to to turn comment threads into tangents about individual posters and their histories.  It's a good reminder to all of us and an approach I plan to emulate when confronted with folks who want to "rechew" old pie.  It's also a good reminder that our comments are for everyone. Thanks, Greg

From BeninSC:
(Note regarding the following comments: I conducted searches for 'flagging comments,' which I define as comments others have found essentially worthy of submission to Top Comments without actually submitting them. I have credited the Kossacks who flagged them with the comment 'finds.')

judyms9 flagged this fine comment by ontheleftcoast about a character in one of BrianMcFadden's comics possibly resembling Tip O'Neill (in BrianMcFadden's diary on Gun Control Proposals)?!

DuzT flagged this comment by Bensdad (no relation) on Chris Christie! Lions, Tigers and Hippos, oh my!

Top Mojo for yesterday, January 1st, first comments and tip jars excluded. Thank you mik for the mojo magic!
  1) The fact that Barack Hussein Obama by AAMOM — 206
  2) i'm not as poor as i used to be, but i grew up by memofromturner — 186
  3) Plus there's a one year extension of the farm bill by zenbassoon — 141
  4) That's just a great story by Andrew C White — 136
  5) $600 B in new revenue by Stranger in a strange land — 132
  6) MOT drops some knowledge on you, but you by divineorder — 128
  7) You All Just Don't Understand the Prez by JekyllnHyde — 127
  8) The problem is the cliff is very real by smash artist — 114
  9) I don't understand when it became acceptable by stellaluna — 114
10) And one final comment from redstate by DarkOmnius — 112
11) Every time it we have the GOP on the ropes by Haningchadus14 — 110
12) The taxes were going up automatically by BentLiberal — 109
13) hate on gays by rexymeteorite — 108
14) It's amazing, isn't it, how little attention is by Onomastic — 100
15) How to lose elections and influence no one by MinistryOfTruth — 99
16) I had a feeling this might happen. The GOP is by cany — 99
17) Americans are a piece of work, aren't they? by jennifer poole — 99
18) And medicare patients who's doctors will get paid by CwV — 96
19) We aren't playing chess or checkers by FishOutofWater — 92
20) Tell that to the hundreds of thousands unemployed by ratcityreprobate — 91
21) Because... by Addison — 90
22) He respects them, includes them and seeks to by cuphalffull — 88
23) austerity kabuki by Laurence Lewis — 83
24) Heh, by cato — 83
25) Yes ... THANKS TO BAN NOCK!! by Bronxist — 82
26) Thought I read a comment recently by wader — 82
27) I thought he was pretty clear on that by Bugsydarlin — 82
28) AND an extension of the farm bill so milk is still by zenbassoon — 79
29) No! by saxoman1 — 78
30) Dems are so awesome, dontcha know, by JayRaye — 77

Top Pictures for yesterday, January 1st.  Click any image to be taken to the full comment. Thank you jotter for the image magic!
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