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Today, the rest of the United States is beginning to realize the truth of the far right that there is a detailed, yet secretive, Muslim plot to take over America. Yes, Al Jazeera is coming to America.


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I have been following Al Jazeera online for some time and have witnessed the transition into the most extreme news corporation that the world has ever seen. The propaganda is intense, it is real, and it it universal Don't be fooled by the naysayers. Al Jazeera continues to spew their radical view of the news:

"If you want your own political views validated, we're not for you."

Let's take today's news programming. As the list of topics below will show you, they have an extreme view on current events in the world, their own version of reality, and their propaganda is limitless:

-60,000 dead in Syria
-Assailants of Indian rape victims charges
-United States drone kills Taliban militant in Pakistan
-Venezuelan opposition calling for more disclosure of extent of Chavez's illness
-Micro breweries in the United States staying independent of bigger breweries
-Myanmar battling militants in northern province
-Australia faces baby milk shortages due to Chinese
-United States approves new TB drug

That's all I know from the news programs. Seriously, that's it. Opinions? I didn't hear any. Rants and raves? Nope. What the hell is that crap?! Do they not know what out news programs are like here in America? If they wish to have some success in America, some should tell them to work on the yelling, screaming, name calling, and being able to turn red at the drop of a hat.

Welcome to America, Al Jazeera. I do wish you the best and I am disappointed that Current TV/AL Jazeera is currently not available in my area.

Welcome to where a big population think mosques are being built on ground zero, sharia law is coming to cities, and anyone that is of a certain religion is a terrorist.

You will be a breathe of fresh air, but because your name is funny, you will be seen as an automatic threat to our freedoms.

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