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This diary is an opinion, as are most diaries on this site; and as such, will be subject to criticism and/or disapproval.  So be it.

I have a favorite saying:   “There is no free lunch”.  I  heard it many years ago uttered by Alistair Cooke at the very end of his famous “America” series.  He was referring to how strong America became, because of one over-riding desire: It’s people were willing to work and fight for it.

And, so it is here on dKos, I believe if we want to build a better place, we need to fight for what we’re looking for----whatever that is.

So, my point is: I’m willing to stay & shout out the progressive thoughts that I have, and encourage others to do the same.

And, I will use some of Fishgrease’s terms to do so:   Fuck it.


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There are many who don’t like some of the rules here, and so have taken their ball, and have left…fine. Fuck them!!   If that is what being an activist means---so be it.  I don’t agree.

If you are passionate about change, then work for it, rather than run away and try to build another site----nothing wrong with that, except you have left the most progressive site on the internet.
Those that follow you will only be followers, and not leaders….

Sick of all the assholes that have sprung up like weeds lately?  Ignore them. Not worth the ensuing battle that derails the main theme of any diary.  Trust me---I want to call out these asses every day---but refrain from doing so for 2 reasons:  Don’t wish to be banned; and don’t wish to engage in fruitless dialogue with jerks.

Tired of many of the useless bullshit diaries that make the wreck list?  Find a community group here on dKos that suits your interest (there are many), or create your own.  Change
happens when collectively we take personal action. But change needs to happen within the same ballpark—not by going to another field.

Offer your thoughts on what progressive things you care about…and ignore the fuckers that come in to troll your diary….carry on, and continue to push your idea.  
(I suspect Markos was pretty lonely, and was attacked, many years ago when he first started)

There are always going to be those that wish to pretend they are so fucking smart that by simply saying something, without facts, makes it so.  Well, it doesn’t.

If you run into jerks like that—simply ask: “On what basis do you make such a claim”
(We have a lot of those fools on here now:   “Obama is useless, etc.” )  Any statement making a claim should be supported.  Otherwise STFU.


There is NO free lunch:  You need to work for it, even sometimes fight for it.

Build, rather than tear down.


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