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History will show that Barack Obama has been the best President the United States has ever had. Even if you disagree with that statement, you have to agree that he has modernized the office of the presidency, made bold moves that have proven successful and over all he has slowly pulled us out of a double dip recession originally entered into courtesy of Bush 43's failed war strategies and out of control defense spending.

In any event, President Obama had an uphill battle during his first administration and his second term doesn't seem like it will be any different. Fresh off a battle with the Republicans over the fiscal cliff, Obama has proved himself to be an astute negotiator. He has also clearly demonstrated his ability to use his power to delegate. His negotiation skills were proven by his ability to convince congress' chief obstructionist that taxes should go up for those making over $400,000.00 and for couples making over $450,000.00. However, Obama's ability to delegate prefaced his negotiations with John Boehner. On Morning Joe I listened to Scarborough slamming President Obama for supposedly not being able to communicate with other human beings, upset because President Obama had utilized Vice President Biden to negotiate with the hateful senior senator from Kentucky Mitch McConnell. if you recall McConnell is the same guy who in 2010 stated, "The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president." Sending Joe Biden to negotiate with McConnell, the minority leader in the senate was a no brainer. It was glaringly obvious by McConnell's statement and subsequent behavior that he didn't want to give President Obama the time of day, besides, that's Biden's job as Senate President. Biden approached McConnell as an ex senator, former colleague and Vice President of the United States. McConnell caved and the fiscal cliff bill flew through the senate and over to our obstructionist congress. Boehner did what he knew he needed to do after President Obama negotiated with him and the rest is history.

Time and time again President Obama has been able to overcome the hatred directed towards the first African American President. He has executed the duties of the office of the President with respect, fairness and most importantly in a manner that has always served the best interest of this country. Contrary to Republican and conservative beliefs, President Obama is not a socialist, is not a Muslim and is not hell bent on ruining this country. His love for this country is derived from his traditional upbringing based on solid American values instilled in him by not just his Mother, but his White Grandparents. His Ivy league education refined him, honed his intelligence, and prepared him to be a great leader. His respect for the laws of this country and our constitution are reflected in his careful and calculated decisions that have ultimately reshaped and greatly benefited this great country of ours.

President Obama has now selected Charles "Chuck" Hagel as his nominee for Secretary of Defense. Hagel is the ex senator from Nebraska, a highly decorated war veteran who would be the first enlisted man to lead this nation's defense, and he's a Republican to boot. Republicans are the first to claim a stake on patriotism, service to this country and respect for their statesmen. If that's the case, then why is it that they're so willing to trash a member of their own party? Republicans adamantly oppose Hagel's confirmation and have vowed to put up a good fight. We know McCain is upset because Hagel refused to buy into McCain's flawed presidential candidacy in which he tapped an inept and extremely ignorant politician from Wasilla Alaska as his Vice Presidential candidate. We also know that many Republicans are upset because of Hagel's criticism of the Iraq war and his comment regarding the 2012 Republican presidential candidates, referring to each of them as being in a “race to say who would bomb Iran first.” The list goes on of "reasons" that the Republicans oppose Chuck Hagel, the reality is that the Republicans are doing what they do best, obstruct.

I think Hagel will make a fine Secretary of Defense. I also think that President Obama has been consistent by reaching out to Republicans in an effort to reach across the aisle, or should we say, extending the olive branch. However, the problem is the Republican controlled house has also been consistent in their obstructionist and selfish behavior. This is not a congress willing to do what is best for their constituents, this is a congress bound and determined on protecting the wealthiest under the guise of wanting to create jobs and protecting our children's future. I think this is the perfect time to invoke Ralph Waldo Emerson's quote: "When a whole nation is roaring Patriotism at the top of its voice, I am fain to explore the cleanness of its hands and purity of its heart."    

I have a suggestion for President Obama, he should continue extending that olive branch to the Republicans, and in the other hand he should keep a sledge hammer.

Congressional tool

Carlos E. Galindo is a radio talk show host & political analyst conducting radio shows in both English and Spanish on four radio stations in Arizona. Mr. Galindo is a weekly contributor to KPFK 98.7 FM Los Angeles and has appeared on CNN, Univision and Telemundo as a political analyst. Mr. Galindo is also an Op-Ed columnist on Prensa Hispana Arizona. Carlos Galindo is a founding member and President of the Immigrant Advocacy Foundation, Inc.



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