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So whole pacific islands are going the way of Atlantis, millions of people around the world are going to die of famine, and well off people in rich countries like ours are going to suffer hundreds of billions of dollars worth of loss from drought, floods and fires - but hey, we were right. At least we'll have the last laugh at the deniers and ostriches, for what that's worth.

Last year was the hottest year on record for the United States. It's likely because the global La Nina effect the global temperature isn't going to be a new record so "the world hasn't warmed since 1998" can still be trotted out regrettably. Instead of introducing laws that could have a genuine hope of helping to avoid total catastrophe for our weather, Rick Perry believes that praying to god is an appropriate policy.

Australia is currently "sweltering" through a heatwave that has been ongoing since the beginning of the year. It's been the longest run of above 39 degree Celsius days since 1973. Monday was the hottest average national temperature across the country since records began 100 years ago. Hundreds of fires are burning throughout Australia right now. Thanks to some hard lessons learned from the devastating 2009 Victoria bushfires, and the dedicated work of volunteer and professional firefighters there so far hasn't been any loss of life. Curiously in July last year the conservative state government of New South Wales cut 260 firefighter positions because conservatives hate well funded fire-fighting services or something.

Andrew Bolt, one of the more prolific and vicious Australian denialists, hasn't posted on his blog since 3 January...for some reason.

So yes once again we were right about global warming and climate change and the denialists are wrong. Such a pity that their stubborness has doomed us all.


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