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Knowing how much Donald Trump and other Republicans value the importance of paper trails to prove a presidential candidate's competency to become President, I'm sure they'll be delighted to get on this right away.  You see, my governor is a college drop-out...


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Most people in Wisconsin know that Scott Walker left Marquette University before he received a degree.  He dropped out.  It is unclear why:  was he barely passing?  did he use unethical tactics when he ran for student government?  was he asked to leave?  was he expelled?  did he willingly leave?  If anyone knows the answer to these questions, she/he isn't talking.  Certainly, Walker himself hasn't offered any explanation.

I believe there are two important issues that need to be considered before this man runs for President.  First, if he left Marquette because of academic incompetence and/or unethical behavior, does the public have the right to know?  Republicans clearly think this is so if the candidate is a Democrat, as it is an indication of a person's overall character.  If we as Democrats believe the same, should we be demanding that he present his transcript, especially since there's an actual reason to believe that something just ain't right about the whole thing?  My belief is yes, he should be held accountable for his behavior.

Which brings me to the second issue:  in today's world, is it absolutely necessary for a presidential candidate to have a college degree?  The first issue I raised is totally separate from this one:  what is he hiding vs. his qualifications for the presidency (or even the governorship).  I have to admit that I'm uncomfortable with the idea of a college drop-out being President of the United States.  I do believe that the President should have a broad and deep knowledge of the world and that higher education provides that.  However, I also believe that there are truly remarkable, once-in-a-lifetime leaders who never went to college.  My opinion is that Scott Walker isn't one of them.

So, do we begin making a lot of noise about this, or do we give him the benefit of the doubt?  Whatever we decide, I'm sure Donald will want to know all of the details.  Perhaps he'll offer to donate $5 million to Daily Kos if Scott Walker gives him a copy of his transcript...

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