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I’m continuing my reporting on the current installment of Conservative Estimate, the recently founded website that is devoted to demolishing Conservatism.

Yesterday, Alfred George wrapped up his consideration of the sever Major Myths of conservative thought with a final broadside against the Myth of Capitalism and some suggestions for a post-capitalist economic system.

Today Mr. George announces a change of focus in his blog.

We’ll see what he has in store when we cross the orange divide.


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Mr. George begins by recounting the work he has done since last fall’s election. In his daily posts, he has been going slowly through the foolish and destructive beliefs that characterize conservatism:

We explained that the conservative world view is dominated by a set of seven Major Myths that are seriously perverted. We considered each Myth in turn, and showed step-by-step how the Myth of Scarcity, the Myth of Self-interest, the Myth of Competition, the Myth of Independence, the Myth of Religion, the Myth of Tradition, and the Myth of Capitalism concoct a toxic brew of delusion, error, and apprehensiveness, whose main ingredient is Fear. And we tried to show how this conservative concoction is poisoning every aspect of life.
He then notes that, in his last post, he indicated that the baby boom generation is addicted to the follies of conservatism, and doesn’t seem able to escape from them, leaving the hopes for the future entirely in the hands of the younger generation.

Then Mr. George announces his plans for the next steps in his blog:

Over the next weeks, we hope to provide some indications about new ways of thinking that might begin to create a new vision, a new world view, that will be so superior to the conservative world view that it will naturally appeal to the younger generation as it strives to make the world safe for them and for their children.
He goes on to say that the main task for the younger generation will be to “turn its back on Fear and align itself with Creativity.”
Creativity is the force that the younger generation is going to have to use to shove aside Fear-based conservatism. Through fearless Creativity, young people will be able to solve ancient problems, reverse the damage done by their parents, and start civilization on a new path.
But understanding how this works requires a bit of preliminary explanation, Mr. George says:
In order to understand what must be done to align with Creativity, we must first understand why Creativity is the powerful force it is, why it counteracts the delusional Fear of the Major Myths, and why it is the natural outgrowth of the transformation toward democracy that the world has been undergoing for the past four or five hundred years.
Finally, Mr. George tells us how he will begin to address this new topic in his blog next week:
We will start by considering the general direction in which young people must go to initiate the new vision: away from Fear and Limitation, and toward Creativity and Freedom. Or, to put in more concisely, from Production to Creation.
You can read the whole post here.

On Monday, then, Mr. George will tell us why Freedom and Creativity go hand in hand.

I’ll be reporting back each day as a new installment appears.

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