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I warned them, I warned them, I told the VA, I told you, I told VISN, and now this is what has happened.   I also KNOW one cannot treat combat vets and room them in the same way as non military.   I talked to the administrators about this kind of potential thing happening and I diaried about it.  I contacted the Inspector General to get a shurgged shoulder.  Now Dammit... A lawsuit shuld go forward for every veteran or person who has been placed in this facility without proper oversight.. Thank you Scott so very much.   I will post the news and then give what I KNOW about this place.
This is the place my husband was placed instead of a VA Facility back in March.  

I went public.  I wrote diaries on here and I have done nothing but raise Hell.  Now is the time for all of us to raise Hell.  We have not heard of this except my ranting on The Vines in Ocala Florida.

The VA has used the mill act to outsource combat veterans to private owned hospitals.
My husband kept a journal and llbear and angelajean will vouch that this is true.
Now is the time for a full scale investigation of Florida Mental Healthcare.

Here is the story of the recent murder.
Below the squiggly I will tell of the abuse at this facility to vets and non vets alike.


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Rape and Murder at Vines Hospital


Love, 63, is charged with second-degree murder in connection with the death of his 75-year-old roommate at The Vines Hospital on Friday afternoon. He is also accused of raping the man, who was found pinned under a mattress in their room at the psychiatric and substance abuse treatment facility in Ocala.
A commenter from this story
Nancy Hamilton Caban · Top Commenter · The Undercity (WoW)
Just take my word on this, and if you need further reason to trust what I'm saying message me and I will tell you why. What goes on in that place is extremely disturbing (there and the centers). This is not the first time they've had these problems. Fights break out there like you wouldn't believe because they put violent schizophrenics in with other non-violent mental disorders. It takes serious injury in order for anyone on that staff to do anything about the violent baker acts. The people who go in, are milked pretty much for whatever money they can get out of their insurance. Most of the people sent to the Vines are military. You can't post any personal recounts on here because what happens at these places, stays at these places per say. They lock people in rooms at night, with potential dangerous mental cases and if you were any tiny bit sane before you got there, you'll be crazy before you leave. My greatest advise to give to the family of the man who died, sue sue sue. There was absolutely no good reason his death and rape could not have been avoided.
They also put female sexual trauma ( military) patients in the rooms with males or so has been reported to me.   It was also reported in one of the comments.

HAVE ANY OF YOU HEARD ABOUT THIS OTHER THAN ON HERE?  This is messed up and I called today.  The Vines is still open for business backed by good old Scott and his private facility care and yes they are still taking in VA patients that belong in the VA.

This hospital does not have Veteran psychologists, combat trained VA group, one person who is the VA liason on staff and the VA can ship you here without  any permission because one can be sedated and sign off on what they know not what they are signing or Baker Acted.  How do I know this?  Because it happened last March.. Here and I went to Hal Donahue who put it on the radio.

My vet was not treated medically even though I am sure he suffered his first heart attack in the facility.   He was taken off his medication and told it was a privilege to get even stomach meds.  He vomited for two hours with discoloration of feet and poor circulation.  He had other vets calling emergency calls out to me.  I stormed the place and threatned them with media then and meant it.  I got him out of there.  

About 12 veterans reported to me on separate interviews that they had been mistreated at this facility.   I had one veteran tell me that she was a military sexual trauma victim but they tried to put her co-ed.

I had another vet tell me that veterans were threatned or abused.

I had 3 veterans tell me they had been sent home after trying to get back at the VA which is clearly part of the Mill act, that patients are only to be at a private facility until stablized and then returned to the VA either for further treatment or discharge.  It didnt happen and it did not happen with my vet either.  

My husband kept a journal of the happenings and the info was released to llbear and angelajean.  I was not stupid enough to keep this info to myself without more advocates having names of people I had talked to.  After this incident and after I raised Hell, the administrator of the VA was replaced at the Florida South Ga Medical Center but it looks like the practices are ongoing with the oursourcing.  They wanted to mess with my husband's status but I had to get the White House involved on that situation when they mysteriously lost his papers from over 18 years ago.  The president requested them under FOIA and they found them.   It is truly a mess down in FFlorida.   anglejean even called VISN from Argentina.

This is outrageous for veterans and for the other non veteran patients ...INCLUDING CHILDREN AS YOUNG AS 8 yoa.

Whatgodmade can tell you about this facility being mentioned for long term care for her son who was six and was baker acted.   Now this place needs a thourough outside investigation and I need some back up here because th healthcare under Scott is not getting better down here.  It is getting worse.  State's rights my ass.  The VA has no business sending vets to non VA facilities long term.

I accidentally got a bill from that place of something like 4000 a day.  This is a for profit hospital.  I reported to the Inspector General because Federal Funds are being used to house veterans here.  This is after millions was spent on upgrading to higher vacancies in the VA facility.    I told them and the VA what they could do with that bill.

Plan of action needed here.  There is so much more but I called in some of the newspapers not to get a callback as did llbear.   The only thing I knew to do was send to Nugent who was worthless and to the legislators, the DOJ, which I did and go public myself, which I did.

I think maybe we should start a petition to the white house regarding Scott.  I just don't know anymore.  I am highly pissed !  I am also vunerable since we require treatment at VA and they know I won't back down.

well it didn't take the media long to take it down.. TOO bad... I saved it..

The article is here.

ed his roommate
By Austin L. Miller
Staff writer

Published: Saturday, December 1, 2012 at 7:25 a.m.
Last Modified: Saturday, December 1, 2012 at 7:25 a.m.
Sometimes giving a cogent answer and sometimes repeating words nonsensically, murder and rape suspect Christopher J. Love made his initial court appearance Saturday morning.

Marion County Judge Sarah Ritterhoff Williams appointed a public defender to represent Love and ordered him held without bond.

Love, 63, is charged with second-degree murder in connection with the death of his 75-year-old roommate at The Vines Hospital on Friday afternoon. He is also accused of raping the man, who was found pinned under a mattress in their room at the psychiatric and substance abuse treatment facility in Ocala.

During the hearing Saturday, when the judge listed the charges, Love could be heard mumbling, "I didn't realize it."

Love, whose right forearm was wrapped in a white bandage, was first wheeled to the courtroom entrance, then was escorted by two corrections officers to the podium, where he stood before Ritterhoff Williams at the Marion County Jail. He was barefoot and was wearing a suicide prevention gown -- a striped, white and faded blue, shin-length gown -- and brown pants. His hands were shackled to a brown belt around his waist.

The white-haired man, along with several other corrections officers, together with a public defender and a state attorney official, were nearby as he made his first appearance, separated from other inmates.

Love told the judge he had served in the Marine Corps and gave her information about his bank account.

However, when asked about the value of his property, Love said: "Property, property, property, property." He said it was worth "two cents."

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Originally posted to Vetwife on Fri Jan 11, 2013 at 09:09 AM PST.

Also republished by DKos Florida and Military Community Members of Daily Kos.

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