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I'm not allowed to swear in Diary Titles anymore (which severely cramps my ability to communicate), but this one really should be an exception...

A Rockford man with several prior arrests, including being booked for sex acts at a west suburban fitness center, a high school in Rockford and the Northern Illinois University campus, was arrested after police found him hanging around a high school swim meet at a west suburban high school on Saturday.

Lawrence E. Adamczyk, 49, told police that he took a train from Rockford to Brookfield Saturday morning, and intended to go to Brookfield Zoo and look for young boys to have sex with, a release from police said.

Now that there is a notable level of crazy in anybody's book, but you'll have to follow me across that weird squiggly thing to get the punchline. Up to you...

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However, he told police that when he walked by Riverside Brookfield High School, he received a brainwave message from recording artist Justin Bieber telling him to go to the school to see the kids there.

I've about had it with this Justin Bieber character...

Now, at first blush one would think that the insanity quota for any single Diary had surely been reached, but you have to be careful about first blushes...

“Mr. Adamczyk has several prior arrests including an indication on his current parole status that he had prior sex offenses,” Riverside Police Chief Thomas Weitzel said. “At the time of his arrest in Riverside, Mr. Adamczyk was on electronic monitoring and had been paroled in December 2012 for an arrest that took place in St. Charles, Illinois in July of 2011. In the St. Charles case he commited a sex act at a fitness center. He had also been arrested for similar crimes at a high school in Rockford, Illinois in 2009 and the Northern Illinois University Campus in 2005.”
Yeah you read that right, this asshat was paroled last month for what was at least his third sex offense, and was on electronic monitoring at the time of this arrest.

When the Government demonstrates an ability to maintain at least nominal control over people like Adamczyk and this Bieber character, then we can talk about letting that Government exert some additional control over firearms owned by law-abiding citizens.

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