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Scanning the news, I see things I feel compelled to comment on, none really enough for a diary all its own. I could be wrong, maybe someone would prefer a longer commentary on one or more of these things. If so, please take the links and write a diary and tell us here in the comments you did so we can go read your diary and comment there.


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So, instead of punishing the staff member who signed the abductor in to the school, they are going to punish the substitute teacher who had every right to assume the person who asked for the child by name had been checked and cleared by the office staff?

It's a pity this happened in India, because if it had happened here in the US, I could be more effective in making sure this judge never, ever served. (trigger alert on link)

So, not only do we patients have to pay the doctors to treat us, we have to go all House on them to make them behave like doctors? This:

Jeff's doctors are taught to not tell him what he has
is the most telling thing of all - why would a doctor deliberately withhold information from a patient?  Because, obviously, the doctors get their instruction on patient care from insurance companies that don't have the best interest of the patient, only the patient's pocketbook.

Sherlock Holmes is one of the reasons I love steampunk so much. Maria Konnikova's book, Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes,  is on my reading list.

This article has some good advice for people who have friends in an abusive situation. (also trigger alert on link)

Yet another article showing that being thin isn't as important to health as so many people have assumed.  

And we're hoping OctopodiCon will help fuel this trend in the US and keep it going.

While I don't think it should be "child-proofed", I do think a warning should come with immersion blenders.  I don't own one, by the way, for the very reasons offered in this article.

It's a start, not as universal as I'd like to see, but a start, for gun safety in our society.  

Mrs. Scarpa is my kind of cat lady.

Sentimental value is all well and good, but what about the actual, provable, day-to-day functioning value of a service dog? I hope this case leads to answering that question.

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