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with rights come the ability to impeach a tyrannical president! @barackobama you are on the short list for impeachment!
@RR_Conservative via web

Yup, it was one of those days. Lots of crazy below the fold.

But before you go there, please tell your Congressperson to pass the gun safety proposals outlined by President Obama.


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This reminds me of Bush who blew capital on soc security individual accts and then couldn't get immig reform.. Obama doing same on guns
@JRubinBlogger via Twitter for iPad

Obama doing something supported by solid American majorities is just like George Bush doing something supported by no one. Money well-spent, Washington Post!

One thought: any legit research on gun violence is going to work out better for our side, ie debunking gun show myth, race & murder, etc.
@GPollowitz via TweetCaster for Android

The NRA has blocked all gun research because it would totally support its positions.

See you at March for Life! RT @markos Okay, the RNC is officially on the side of more dead children, because freedom.
@jstrevino via web

Does this "March for Life" support life for kids who are alive?

@markos Why do you hate black kids, who die in droves in Chicago & still will? Quit dancing in the blood of murdered children f/agenda,coward
@Melvin_Udall_ via web

I tried to find logic in that. Failed.

The House can pass comprehensive gun legislation now and have Speaker Boehner shape it, or wait two years for Speaker Pelosi to do it.
@JoeNBC via Twitterrific

Third option: like Sandy aid and the first fiscal cliff deal, pass it despite opposition from the majority of the Republican caucus so that 1) the legislation passes, but 2) the GOP ends up looking like asshole obstructionists. So we get both sensible gun restrictions and House Speaker Pelosi. Win-win!

@markos can you enlighten us as to why three cities w/ the strictest gun laws (DC, Chicago & Baltimore) also have the most gun violence?
@MattMackowiak via web

Because those cities lack moats with metal detectors at all entry points. Have these idiots not heard of inter- and intrastate travel?

Huge crowd in front of our @NRANews booth at #SHOTShow watching President Obama's speech on guns - #NRA http://t.co/...
@Cameron_Gray via Camera on iOS

Here's that huge crowd:

Attendees at Shot Show watch President Obama announce comprehensive agenda to curb gun violence &nbsp;
There must be at least 25 people there! Fucking MASSIVE! I've never seen more angry white males in one place! I made fun of it on Twitter, and some Breitbart writer snapped.
Hey @markos! Do you realize that the pic @cameron_gray took is only the front. What about the people behind??! @nranews
@maryclimer via Twitter for Mac
So yes @markos it was a huge crowd. @cameron_gray @nranews
@maryclimer via Twitter for Mac
@markos Did you think that there might be people behind @cameron_gray? Oh yeah you don't think…… @nranews
@maryclimer via Twitter for Mac
And yes @markos that is a huge crowd in @Cameron_Gray's picture.
@maryclimer via Echofon

This explains a lot, like how they think their teabagger events are somehow representative of America. If 25 is HUUUUUUGE (and by the way, I can see the back of the crowd in that shot), then 50 must be epic.

@fedupwithgovern via web

Sheriff Arpaio is working on it!

Impeach Obama and stop his attacks on the constitution. No one who disrespects our country's sacred rights should ever hold this office
@LostTexasGent via iOS
@BarackObama the 2nd ammendment was put in place to protect the american people from tyranical govt. IE. YOU. The word SHALL is an absolute
@mikerieger7 via TweetCaster for Android

So is "well-regulated."

#Gunban = Nazi States of America! Guns are tools, and it is the people behind them that use them to kill. Ban guns must ban cars as well!!
@UrbanWraith via web

Better idea—don't ban guns, don't ban cars, but regulate guns the way we regulate cars.

@markos Save the kids! Get rid of guns! ...But it's OK to kill them before they're born. Now THAT'S a winning argument.
@gvhorn1 via web

The Twitter machine was riffe with this abortion argument. Yet this supposed "pro-life" crowd sure wasn't making life a priority today. Or put another way:

Conservative logic: abortion kills unborn, which is bad, but guns kill born, which is freedom.
@markos via TweetDeck
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Originally posted to kos on Wed Jan 16, 2013 at 12:32 PM PST.

Also republished by Shut Down the NRA, Daily Kos, and Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA).

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