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You can only make so much money without harming or killing someone somewhere and it’s not enough if you’re greedy. If harming and killing others for greater profit is not a constraint for you, then the sky’s the limit. And once you’re making money, it’s easy to use that money to facilitate harming and killing more people by buying off anyone standing in the way. Then make more money and repeat. Some people even make all their money by harming and killing people. Indeed, our government pays some of them quite handsomely to do it (on our behalf) as a matter of course and without debate. It seems it’s quite profitable to operate unconstrained by quaint prohibitions against harming or killing people. But to make it all work, you have to get the people to go along with it and let you do it. That’s a bit of a challenge, since you must also exploit them to the maximum degree possible. Control the media, own the government, and disperse the damage widely over a great area – preferably the entire earth – and you’re set to make untold profits for many years.


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Poverty is a byproduct of that process. People in poverty are people who have been harmed and exploited for profit and by profit, some directly and some indirectly. There are really only two responses to poverty: let them die in the gutter, or the government steps in. If the government steps in, the rich have to pay for it and they don’t want that. They have no problem with making their money by harming and killing people, and they’re certainly apathetic about harming worthless people who they’ve already used up anyhow.

But a majority of humans have a tendency to respond compassionately to suffering, and that tendency needs to be countered to avoid cutting into profits. So poverty and unemployment must be stigmatized, then an inhuman response such as denying them vital assistance can be justified and even openly advocated if the context is carefully controlled. You must dehumanize the enemy to make it easier to kill them. It’s an age old method. The less fortunate are the enemy of greed. The greedy need us to make enemies of each other instead of them because we overwhelm their numbers. When we condone harm and death for profit, and treat our fellow man in an inhuman manner, we do the bidding of the greedy and to our own detriment. We need to put people before profit in all matters and only government has the necessary scale and power to accomplish that. We must wrest control of our government back from the greedy (and those who've been corrupted by their money) to stop the war on humanity (which we’re currently losing).

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