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Remember this little doozy?

Just watch the Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, while playing his standard game of Senate Cloture Chess, actually get out-maneuvered, and has to actually filibuster his own damn Bill.

Simply amazing.  Due to "extra-controversial" situation as he puts it, Minority Leader McConnell, asks the Majority to please raise the Cloture threshold to 60, for this simple majority spending Bill, that he himself proposed just a few minutes ago.  It's not that it was seriously proposed or anything.

Mitch McConnell: Self-Filibuster

Jon Stewart -- Dec 13, 2012

video source

And it's not like paying our National Bills actually matters or anything.

It's enough to "give a person whiplash."


And if you want to obstruct it, you had DAMN WELL be ready to explain to America WHY?  You know have to TALK ABOUT IT. In front of the TV Cameras and everything.

Explain why -- your Minority Opinion -- is so DAMN important you must grind the wheels of Congress to a halt. On issue after issue after issue ... again and again and again.

If only we had an opportunity to change the Senate rules to put the Majority Opinion, back in the Call-the-Vote drivers seat ...


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And in other related news, politico is reporting that the Senate would actually rather 'play hopscotch and patty-cake', than actually DO the people's business ...

Harry Reid seeks middle path on filibuster

by Manu Raja, politico.com --  1/17/13

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) doesn’t plan to advance a “talking filibuster” proposal envisioned by liberals who want sweeping changes to the stodgy Senate.

But he still may invoke what critics call the “nuclear option” to change Senate rules that would limit the use of the filibuster, force senators to hold the floor in certain situations and require those stalling legislation to deliver 41 votes, several people familiar with the matter said Thursday.

The contents of a filibuster reform package are not yet finalized, sources say, and Reid is still trying to cut a bipartisan deal with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to avert a partisan showdown on the floor next week. But Reid seems to have discarded one of the more far-reaching proposals sought by liberals -- forcing senators to actually carry out a filibuster -- because of fears that the plan would effectively kill the potent delaying tactic used frequently by the minority party.

This permanent condition of "Minority rule" is Bullshit!  (As Jon Stewart might put it.)

Standing Obstruction on the whim and conspiracy of the minority, is NOT how a functioning Democracy is supposed to operate.

America has real problems that need to be solved.

And the Filibuster preferential-deference to the Minority is one of them.

When does the Majority, ever get our say?  The American People should really want to know.

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