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It's kind of perplexing to me that there seems to be an almost manic focus on what the right wing lunatics gun-nuts say or do about their silly infatuation with guns.  As I usually write in my diaries, I have little interest about what the fringe right wing has to say about anything, any topic at all.  Why? Because they are insane!  Literally.

And that's my point; why so much focus on these insane people?  I have no problem debating and negotiating policy with intelligent, sane people, regardless of their political persuasion.  But I do have standards.  For example, before I would consider any individual to be a serious person, I would have to assess whether they are operating with a full deck of cards, when it comes to very basic stuff that has already been settled.

How do you debate science with someone who believes that the earth was created a few thousand years ago, and that the mythologized figure Jesus and dinosaurs walked around the earth at the same time?

The same with the gun-nuts and all their pronouncements and their threats of violence, and talk of the Second Amendment, and how they need their guns purportedly to protect themselves against tyranny.  And some of them strap semi-automatic riffles and walk around the streets of Portland, or go inside a JcPenny.

These people are crazy, outright deranged.  Why do I care what they think, how angry they are, how deranged their pronouncements are.  I could not give a shit! Really.

They are the useful idiots of the gun manufacturers.

And yet, in all the noise about this topic I can't seem to find very straightforward arguments about what needs to happen.  We need to remove guns from our society, from our streets, from our neighborhoods.  It's that simple.

We had 30,000 gun deaths in the U.S. last year, and there is an increasing number of mass shootings because our streets are flooded with guns.  This is insane.

So let's remove the guns one neighborhood at a time, city by city, state by state.  Some may say, "well, what about the Second Amendment?"  That's a joke; that language is an anachronism.  Either way, one can take the part that says "well-regulated" and use it to regulate civilian gun-ownership into non-existence.

Hell, if the religious fanatics can regulate women's health centers (that happen to perform abortions) to the point that we are about to have four confederate, I mean southern states, with no access to abortion services, sane people could certainly get creative and do the same against guns.

Why is it that the loonies, the really deranged people can pass a slew of crazy laws that suppress voting, allow people to "stand their ground" and shoot and kill citizens, force vaginal ultrasound, and a myriad of other truly bizarre laws, can move their agenda forward?  Think about that.  Basically, wild-eyed Bible-thumpers, stewing in an uncontrollable rage (do to their craziness), holding the Bible in one hand, and hugging their multiple guns close to their chests, while rocking back-and-forth yelling in anger, their forehead veins popping out, can pass truly lunatic laws.

There is something really wrong with that picture...

Don't be shy.  Act rationally, like an intelligent adult, and say plainly what needs to be said, what the entire world already knows and wonders in horror at the lunacy of our society: we need to remove the guns from our streets.




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