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Welcome to Sunday Puzzle -- a weekly feature here at Daily Kos!

Nothing complicated or fancy this week -- just a nice simple 39-clue JulieCrostic (plus twelve still-unsolved-from-last-week movie quote Bad Translations) to play with and enjoy. Come on down and join the party!


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Let's get right to it! Here's tonight's JulieCrostic.

[NOTE: If you're new to Sunday Puzzle and don't know what JulieCrostics are, don't panic. You can find complete instructions, along with introductory puzzles and examples of solved puzzles, in our companion series Sunday Puzzle Warm-Up. Or, just read tonight's comments and you'll pick up the idea quickly. New folks are always welcome, so don't be shy about posting!]

After last week, when the gremlins went wild, I was a little worried. But they appear to have been well-behaved this week. Just the usual mischief -- grouping the clues in groups of 3 regardless of how many answers there actually are in each row, removing the capitalization, possibly fiddling a little with punctuation or word spacing. Barely noticeable! Let's enjoy the respite while it lasts.

1. kind of luck
2. at the summit
3. 1969 film with different endings
4. famous morgue
5. mark
6. patron
7. age
8. frozen food container
9. liddy or ney [or, in a different sense, brock!]
10. grant
11. ff
12. before you believe (especially if you're smart)
13. supporter
14. support
15. stand up to
16. a lot
17. georgia or tahoma
18. source
19. air line site
20. lay
21. grippers
22. another name for stopes
23. greek mathematician and inventor
24. another name for john morgan
25.  whiskey
26.  kind of screen
27.  strange
28. agreed
29. say something funny
30. why did you fire mike tannenbaum?
31. cold
32. disgusting
33. fussy
34. thomas who's usually wrong
35. house or curtain
36. nearby
37. comics colossus and kind of girl
38. allen burton
39. candies
Puzzle Party / SUNDAY PUZZLE / Puzzle Party / SUNDAY PUZZLE / Puzzle Party /

And here are science's Bad Translations of famous movie quotes. We solved a few of these last week, but still plenty more to ponder upon.

1.  'Robinson, Problem Solving and research networks?'

pucklady says this is "Mrs. Robinson, are you trying to seduce me?" from The Graduate

2.. 'The general trends. Hamster mom and dad berries.' (1975)
3.  ‘This is not true. The answer to this question.' (1988)
4.   'I think it's your partner in my jungle.' (1996)
5.   'I'm pretty smart, huh? I love this man.' (1981)
6.   'Access to credit, life and death.' (1994)
7.  'But look, my son was with him.' (1942)

Thanks to a hint from science, I say this is "Here's looking at you, kid" from Casablanca.

8.  'Perhaps power.' (1977)

UnionMade says this is "May the Force be with you" from Star Wars.

9.  'Now can not be denied.' (1972)

UnionMade says this is "He made him an offer he couldn't refuse", from The Godfather

10.  'Love is no excuse.'

I say this is "Love means never having to say you're sorry" from Love Story

11. 'You're a man, I am a man, man.' (1998)

UnionMade thinks this might be from Shakespeare in Love, and offers a couple of good possibilities for the original line...

UPDATE: ... but science says this is not the answer, so we need to keep looking.

12.  'I want to quit smoking.' (2005)

UnionMade thinks this is "I wish I knew how to quit you."  from Brokeback Mountain.

13.  'Why is this important?' (2008)
14.  'Dare. Less than style.' (1995)
15.  'The fact is that human desires, but more than words, is good.' (1987)
16.  'Way? If you do not have access.' (1985)
17.  'I was very angry, am what?' (1976)

UnionMade suggests this is "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it any more!" from Network.

18.  'We are a lack of communication.' (1967)

I say this is "What we have here is a failure to communicate", from Cool Hand Luke.

19.  'Hello, good morning.' (1968)
20.  'Corps to open the door.' (1968)
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