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Just when we thought Bush Inc. had been put out to pasture forever, thanks to all angels in a political heaven, it seems that a heavily veiled devil lurked among the angels of hope for a better future in Texas. At least this is the hope after we get rid of Guv Oops.

Horrifically, the nightmare called Bush Co. wants to make a comeback. Naturally the revival will start where else but in Texas?  For it seems that the Bushes of Florida headed back to Texas, maybe because Florida might be a tad too purple for a family of renowned vulture capitalists?

How on earth can we ever forget Bush Inc., ya know, the real McCoys who can be counted on to successfully rob and empty the U.S. and state treasuries into their own and crony's pockets?

Let us please not forget how Bush Inc's so-called  fiscal conservative policies and its un-compassionate conservatism tore through the Clinton surplus in a New York nanosecond.  This is what happens when the real spending freaks stick two wars, a Medicare drug program and tax cuts for the rich on the national credit card with no payback plan.

But this is what Bush Republicans do.  They

privatize the profits but socialize the loses.
Bush Republicans are driven to serve themselves and their tiny circle of wealthy donors and friends. Their main goal is to enrich themselves at the expense of 98% of the rest of us in Texas, Florida and when serving in Washington D.C. from the rest of middle class America.

How could we forget Florida's Jeb Bush who, through voter suppression efforts, disenfranchisement and a vote re-count shut down in 2000, delivered his brother W., the worst President in recent history?  Along with a little help from Daddy's friends in the Supreme Court of course.   But this is old history that should be well behind us by now.  But bad karma exerts its  price.

98% of we the wee ones should be warned.  Lock down your wallets folks and pay close attention.  If you are not a political activist, this would be a good time to get involved.  For the last thing we need is another Bush on a fast track through TX land commissioner to Governor and on to you know where else.  

Cross posted on Texas Kaos


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The news is rather grim for Texas voters when the son of Jeb raised $1.3 million before he decided for which office to run.  Of course Granddaddy ponied up $50K while Daddy also stepped up for $50K and Uncle W. wrote another check for the same.  Naturally well known Texas fat cats like Bob Perry and others outside of the state also whipped out their checkbooks. These boys know a good puppet when they see one. G.P must be their real deal.

In all, there were 449 contributions from 29 states.

Some 65 percent of Bush’s contributions came from Texas, while donations from Florida accounted for 26 percent.

That means another 9 percent came from the rest of the country

And like other members of the Bush dynasty George P. has issues with reckless and unsavory behavior.  Uncle W.might be his best role model.
A television station in Florida said Mr Bush was arrested six years ago for breaking into the house of a girlfriend in the Killian area of Miami.

Police were said to have drawn up a report in which he was accused of burglary and "criminal mischief", having driven his four-wheel-drive vehicle over two front lawns in the affluent suburb.

I wonder if Jeb, the former Governor of the once great state of Florida wrote a check to those whose front lawns were trashed by his son?  

Those who are promoting George P. will likely say

Oh come on.  Boys will be boys.  Did your boy do stupid things when he was eighteen years old?

Many teenagers do stupid things but most parents will punish their children when they go totally inconsiderate, dumb and hot-headed.  Unfortunately the same is not obvious where the Bush dynasty is concerned.  And of course George P.s own mother had a few ethical challenges of her own.

But it does not matter.  Right wing conservative voters in Texas would vote for an ax murderer as long as whatever candidate runs as a Republican who is supported by money from greedy, self-serving opportunists. The far right will say a liberal devil or a deranged devil made the candidate commit the murder. Most will ignore the Bush past or,if one cannot put the nightmare of Bush Co.s failed economic policies out of one's minds or bank accounts, most will pray that George P. is different from his uncle.

Indeed, in an interview with NPR, the Chair of the Texas GOP has been obviously duly duped, as can be expected in Governor Oops backyard of pay to play politics.  

"I know him. I know he's a solid conservative. He supported Ted Cruz in the most recent primary," Munisteri says, referring to the Texas Tea Party favorite who just cruised to victory to the U.S. Senate. "And I think that that decision on his part to be an early supporter of Ted Cruz will go a long way to assuring those of our party members in our conservative base that he certainly is a solid conservative himself."

With the Bush name and the dominant Republican Party position in Texas, the young Bush can pretty much name his office and start picking out the drapes.

I know him.  Do you really know him, dude? I betcha that you don't.

There you go folks. Bush Co., Rick Perry and their Texas GOP have no principles at all.  It is all about choosing the drapes and serving themselves and their donor cronies at the expense of Texas taxpayers.

Of course the national GOP has been as equally morally bankrupted as the Texas Republican Party for a very long time.  As we learned in 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012, the Republican Party cannot win unless it cheats and disenfranchises voters.  

We also learned that the GOP, since the first African American has been elected in 2008 and again in 2012, without having to cheat or steal, mind you, is possessed by very strong racist, misogynist, homophobic and xenophobic wings.  

Hey racists. President Obama is every bit as white George P., in case you did not know.

And because it has a 33 seat majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, the idiots actually had the swaggering hubris to out their Party's desperation.

It has been well documented that today's House GOP "majority" was engineered by this redistricting, and in reality Democrats in the House received millions more votes than Republicans, belying John Boehner's and the rest of the House GOP's constant claims to their GOP majority and Americans' preference for a divided government.

Republicans can't win on the issues, so they change the rules. Their latest proposal has electoral votes being awarded according to Congressional district - which would have handed Mitt Romney the win in 2012 while losing the popular vote. Now Pennsylvania legislators are trying to implement this strategy to rig the 2016 election for themselves. The answer is to fight back on the local level, as they have found is a worthwhile strategy. Another tactic is to take redistricting out of the hands of legislators as Howard Dean has suggested and as currently done in CA and FL.

I guess desperate times call for desperate measures for losers.  Republicans have ruled this state for 20 years.  During this period Texas schools have sunk to second to last nationwide. We have the highest number uninsured residents. We also boast the highest number of high school dropouts. In a Libertarian nirvana called Texas we pay the highest insurance rates in the nation. Consumer rights are summarily thrown under the bus. Were it not for the EPA there would be little or fake environmental regulation. We continue to have a big budget deficit thanks to Republican smoke and mirrors accounting practices. Also known as robbing Peter to pay Paul. And then there is a small problem called junk science in Texas.   Worse, only in Rick Perry's Texas could cancer research become a cash cow for himself and his crony donors.  

In the ruby red state of Texas the real definition of conservative in Texas means crony capitalism. Rick Perry's CPRIT (the cancer institute) is a prime example of how nothing is sacred except for money and personal greed.

George P. Bush is no different from his daddy, uncle and granddaddy. Or Rick Perry for that matter.  It's all about them and the accumulation of wealth.  For themselves.  After all, Granddaddy, Daddy and Uncle W. and their friends don't pony up for renegades.

Let's do it folks.  It's time to flip this Republican hell hole back to blue. Organize for action.


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Originally posted to Libby Shaw on Mon Jan 21, 2013 at 08:28 AM PST.

Also republished by TexKos-Messing with Texas with Nothing but Love for Texans.


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