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Herndon Depot. This is an image of a place or building that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places in the United States. Its reference number is 79003039 .
Liz Dexic has offered to host a meetup/potluck in Herndon, Virginia this Sunday, January 27th, from noon to 5pm. Our last two meetups had good turnouts and great conversation.  I'm sure this one will be great also.

Liz's home is metro accessible, so if you let her know where you're coming from, she'll make sure you make the right connections.

here's plenty of parking in the neighborhood subdivision (house is on a corner), a couple of levels where conversation groups may sit and chat while eating, and of course pooties. Said pooties will be corralled initially because they are way too friendly and no one would get a chance to eat, so later they will join us.

The location address and contact information will be sent to you via Kosmail. If you're interested in coming, send a kosmail to me or to Liz and we'll get back to you with the address and directions, and information on how to get there from the metro if you're coming that way.

The location is also near the Monroe Park & Ride and you can take the 950 Weekend bus from West Falls Church, give a call once you're on your way, and we'll come get you if you're a Metro rider.

If you're attending and can bring something, we'll keep track and update the event info as it develops.

Attendees and what they're bringing (will update):

a gilas girl (via Metro)
Diana in NoVa                             tiny cheese pizzas
Gordon20024 (from Roanoke)      picking up something from Amphora Diner in Herndon
Jamie G from Md (Ashburn)         baked spaghetti & another dish (haven't decided yet)
  & a friend    
STI (Ashburn)
liz dexic  (Herndon 20171)           salad - either green or pasta type
stevenwag                                  bread and cheese or wine
oortdust (from Arlington)
VirginiaBlue (Mechanicsville)
barbwires                              caesar salad with anchovies, bottle of wine
LeoDaLion        veg/fruit trays
 & wife                      green salad

Sturunner and
 his wife
Virginia Victory

If you plan to come, respond in the comments or send a kosmail.

Any help getting the word out about this event would be appreciated.


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With the upcoming Virginia governor's race this year, all political eyes are likely to be on Virginia. Virginia is one of the key states that is likely to make a difference in the next presidential election, and a lot of that is contingent on who is elected for governor. I am hoping that our friends in Maryland and Washington DC will come down to help in the campaign because we're going to need all the help we can get. (Oh please, not another four years under a republican governor!)

And while many of us have been enjoying President Obama's victory and the inauguration, the Virginia republicans pushed through a measure in the 20-20 Senate to make it easier for them to redistrict. They waited until Democratic Senator Henry Marsh, a 79 year old civil rights activist, left to attend the inauguration on Monday.

Terry McAuliffe is likely to be our Democratic nominee for governor, and seems to be doing a great job with fundraising so far.

I'm sure that we will be discussing these and other issues at our get together this coming Sunday.

Hope you can come!

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Originally posted to JamieG from Md on Wed Jan 23, 2013 at 07:03 AM PST.

Also republished by Virginia Kos.


I'm interested in discussing ________ on Sunday

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