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I had an epiphany two nights ago.  

Our family has been going through its own "economic downturn" the past 6 months since the primary breadwinner lost his job.  I enjoy drinking teas daily and I especially enjoy purchasing a variety of teas and then sampling a few each day.  As I've been facing economic realities right now, I've realized that once my store of teas has run out, I'm not going to be able to replenish them for quite some time.  I was bummed but consoled myself that there is quite a bit of mint growing in my front yard, and so I would still be able to enjoy as much spearmint tea as I cared to drink.  

Two nights ago while working on a problem for a client I did an internet search for "homemade tea recipes".  Suddenly, I had recipe upon recipe for various herbal teas.  I surprised myself with the realization that I wouldn't be enjoying just mint tea when my teas run out, but also rosemary tea, parsley tea, and sage tea.  My oranges and lemons may be added to some teas, and I can keep dry rind even when the fruits run out to add to teas.  I can collect rosehips from the rose bushes and my spice collection can yield even more tea recipe ingredients.  

I was elated!  Losing my ability to purchase premade teas was no longer a deprivation, it was now an opportunity to see how resourceful I could be, to try new recipes, and eventually create my own tea recipes.  

I occurred to me that I am the product of a society built on principles of consumption.  I look to the market to supply my needs and desires, rather than looking inward at my own ingenuity and creativity, rather than look at the things I have on hand or that I have in abundance.  

When I adopt the mindset of a consumer, I am adopting a non-creative, non-intuitive mindset.  Like an infant I look outside of myself, outside of my resources on hand, outside of my immediate community for ways to fill my wants and needs.  When I no longer see the market as my sole tool of gratification, creativity blossoms and I discover there are a myriad of ways to fulfill my needs and desires.  When I look beyond the market I "grow up" and become an independent and interdependent adult.  


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