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Trout Lilies, Trilliums and more from Cairo, GA

The Daily Bucket is a place where we post and exchange our observations about the natural happenings we see. Birds, blooms, bugs and more - each note is a record that we can refer to in the future as we try to understand the patterns that are quietly unwinding around us.
January 24, 2013

Brief History

The Wolf Creek Trout Lily Preserve was established in 2009 after a few years of dedication by Dan Miller who coordinated the efforts of various orgs, volunteers and donors. The full history crediting all involved can be found at the website.

I have been out there twice this month - 2 weeks ago to remove invasive privets that are taking over the small floodplain along Wolf Creek and this week to help on trail maintenance and flagging for visitors this month. Trails were lined with fallen logs and signs put up to keep folks on the trails and OFF THE SLOPES where the trout lilies are.

You can read more details about the Trout Lily at the website. I'd quote some of it but the text was put up as an image. Also blooming now are Spotted Trillium (Trillium maculatum) and a twayblade (Listera australis) or 2.

Photos and a list of guided tours below. If you are anywhere in South Georgia / North Florida, this is something not to be missed. From US 84 west of Cairo between mile marker 5 & 6, go south on Wolf Creek Rd, then 1st left thru the gate into the woods.  

Oh - and if you are not from around here, it's pronounced kay-ro    :)


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A grouping of second year plants. Another year or so and they may get their trout speckles.

and in a few more years they look like this.

Wider view

and along one of the slopes.

Spotted Trillium

A sheltered group

I had a Twayblade closeup but they are so tiny it's hard to get all the parts in focus. Here's a pair from my yard Friday - emerging but not fully open. The stem rises an inch from the soil thru the litter, the 2 half-inch leaves spread, and then the twig-like flower opens.

This is Wolf Creek. If you look towards the the bend, you can see the invasive privet.
6-8" diameter is not unusual; Dan counted 60 rings on one they cut down.

Guided Tours

Wednesday, January 30
1:00 and 3:30 - Beth Grant, student naturalist

Saturday, February 2
1:00 - Dan Miller, Coordinator and native plant nurseryman at Trillium Gardens, Tallahassee
3:30 - Beth Grant

Sunday, February 3
1:00 - Wilson Baker, Field Biologist
3:30 - Beth Grant

Tuesday, February 5
1:00 and 3:30 - Beth Grant

Saturday, February 9
1:00 - Dan Miller

Sunday, February 10
1:00 - Wilson Baker
3:30 - Beth Grant

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