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I just wanted to remind everybody here, one reason we lost in 2010 was the deep disappointment in our Democratic leaders for the same type of capitulation to the extremists on the other side that was done again yesterday when "filibuster reform" (bahaha I can't even write that with a straight face) was passed.  Especially after Harry Reid apologized to Udall and Merkeley for being so right and that the next time, doggone it, we will not allow this to happen again!  This deal and the pathetic spin they tried to use later was just embarrassing.

It was depressing to realize moments after that it will be business as usual the next four years.  Meaning nothing is happening of substance after the glimmer of hope we all shared after listening to Obama's inauguration speech...  


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I really did try to think of the positives about this, including what happens if Dems are in the minority again, wouldn't this be nice to have?  Blah blah blah...  But I think like many of you, all these "positives" were washed away after today's big news that the appeals court practically neutered the Labor Relations Board for God knows how long and killed any chances that Obama or future presidents make recess appointments with a divided congress...  Not only did we not get rid of the filibuster, but now we will be constantly reminded about how we can't force the senate to confirm any Obama nominations when they hold up all the NLRB and CFPB nominations again.

This pisses me off.  And so I will say this loudly now with as much sarcasm as I can muster: Thanks Harry Reid.

But that's the last time I do that.  I got it off my chest, and I'm done. Because I remember 2010 well, and as much venom as we directed to the weak-kneed Democrats for constantly caving to the nutjobs - things got HELLUVA lot worse when the GOP took advantage of our depression and circular firing squad and took back all the important state governments and the house of representatives by a huge margin.  This is why we got so f@#^ed the last two years and barely survived it.

Note that Obama not only won the election because he was the better candidate; he also won the election because the nutjobs who took power in 2010 were exposed for their nutjobbery.

We do not want these people in power again.  We do not want these people emboldened.  I would gather a list of all the crappy things they have done the past 2 years but I am too tired and I'd be preaching to the choir.  You all know they cannot be trusted to govern.

Please note that the point of this diary is not to defend Harry Reid.  It's not.  Bash him all you want.  Today especially.

The point of this diary is, when something politically bad happens again in the future, such as the GOP filibustering Immigration Reform and trying to pin the blame on Obama for hating Latinos - rather than spewing most of the venom at Harry Reid (which I understand would be a natural response given yesterday), let's all please keep our eyes on the prize and remember who the real bad guys are.  Direct most, if not all, our anger at the ones who actually made us push for filibuster reform, not the one who failed to push it through...  Work just as hard to elect the Democrats in the races in 2014, especially in the state governments, because we can't afford to let our anger at Harry Reid's huge misstep give the wingnuts power over the states.

Remember Scott Walker.  Rick Snyder.  Rick Scott.  John Kasich and Jon Husted.  Tom Corbett. Bob McDonnell and Ken Cuccinelli. Remember all these guys who have screwed our labor unions and our democracies.  Our friends in these states won't want to hear that it was because our disdain for the Democratic leaders on the federal level that made us direct our energies the wrong way.

So "thank Harry Reid" now, get it out of your system as much as you can, then let's move on and fight back against the real jokers.

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