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WAH!!  Watching Billionaires Fight Is PRECIOUS!!

The Video
I guess even the Competition for Money Changes Everything.
Billionaires Icahn, Ackman hurl insults on CNBC
Jim Cramer, host of "Fast Money," wondered, "Whatever happened to the dignity of wealth!??"
And in this corner..
It was the smackdown heard round the world when billionaires Carl Icahn and Bill Ackman behaved more like bar-room brawlers (complete with expletives like "bull----!") on live television Friday over their differences about a nutritional-supplements company.

"Our goal here was to shine a light on Herbalife," Pershing Square founder Ackman  said on "Fast Money," referring to the company which he called "a well-managed pyramid scheme." Ackman has accused Herbalife of luring people, most of them low-income, into a distribution system he calls fraudulent.
"Ackman is a liar," Icahn said. "He's got one of the worst reputations on Wall Street." Icahn also accused Ackman of destroying companies by publicly shorting their stocks.

"He's like the crybaby in the schoolyard," Icahn said.
Ackman's firm manages $12 billion in assets. Carl Icahn, a fellow activist investor and one of the richest men in America, has an estimated fortune of nearly $15 billion.

So Icahn shorts people's lives with Herbalife pyramid schemes and Ackman shorts peoples stocks with Investment schemes.  ( The puns abound with both names..)

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Gotta love the Karma!

"Carl, you think I want to invest with you?" Ackman charged later.

"I wouldn't invest with you if you were the last man on Earth!" Icahn bellowed in an exchange typical of the show's tenor.

More of the tirade here:
The Greatest Moment In Financial TV History
And there you have it. Life in the Big Bully Lane is very much like Life in the Small Bully Lane.

You know that something is in the wind when first we watch the GOP Implode and now The Money Guys start turning on each other.

The King of the Hill game between the Big Liars, Cheaters and Stealers is unraveling.

All we have to do is be patient, watch and enjoy the show!


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