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Why do I say 'gotta be christian', well this did happen at Fort Bragg, near the coast of bible belt state of North Carolina bible thumpers who've continually shown their total intolerance of many existing in the society and communities around them, if you buy into the same bible teachings they say they strictly adhere as written that jesus taught, and from an elitist group in the hierarchy  of our military forces.

I could be wrong, about the christian thing, but doubt it.

Which probably took the members of out of the running for the Fort Bragg 'Spouse of the Year' award for the many who voted.

Spouses club relents, says lesbian Army wife can be 'full member'

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25 January 2013 - Hours after same-sex Army wife Ashley Broadway was named Fort Bragg's 2013 “spouse of the year,” the on-base spouses club — that has for two months rebuffed Broadway's bid to join — fully reversed course and invited her "to become a full member," according to emails sent to NBC News and Broadway.

The decision comes one week after the Association of Bragg Officers' Spouses (ABOS) extended Broadway — who is married to Army Lt. Col. Heather Mack — a "special guest membership," an invitation she declined and called "extremely demeaning."

"After further reviewing the (club's) constitution, by-laws and internal procedures, the ABOS Board felt that in order to immediately support all military Officer spouses who are eligible for ABOS membership a more inclusive definition of spouse was needed. Therefore, any Spouse of an active duty commissioned or warrant Officer with a valid marriage certificate from any state or district in the United States is eligible for ABOS membership," the club's board said in a statement. read more>>>

Would be some what interesting, doubt on base, to see what the ministers sermons will be this sunday in regards to all this. This being North Carolina there will be at least a few who either mention that this shouldn't have happened, the award and the quick relenting on membership, or whole sermons from the pulpits will be dedicated to the issue and showing the intolerance as they often do probably with clapping of support from the pews!

Also would be interesting on how many spouses will either quit the club or stop participating thus showing their total intolerance and bringing about questions as to the officers they're married to ideologies in this day and age of No More 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' and now women being accepted into the combat roles, Officially, they've already been a part of in many ways and especially in these two recent wars of choice.

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