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The rule of law is supposed to apply equally to all members of society, regardless of race, ethnicity, educational level, or economic station.  

The most recognizable symbol of equality under the law is the Roman goddess Justitia, or "Lady Justice."

Since the 15th century, Lady Justice has often been depicted wearing a blindfold. The blindfold represents objectivity, in that justice is or should be meted out objectively, without fear or favor, regardless of identity, money, power, or weakness; blind justice and impartiality.
That's the idea, anyways.  Of course, we all know than in practice, the rich and powerful and well-connected have tended to enjoy a system of justice that has always been a little less blind, and a little less objective, and a little more favorable.  So the scales of justice have always been a little tilted towards the rich and powerful.

However, during the last 40 years or so, acting under a carefully-designed strategy (and philosophy) to take over the levers of power, including the government, we have reached a situation where we can no longer speak of imbalances in the application of justice, but of two completely separate legal systems: one for the corrupt ruling class (more benign, forgiven, and preferential); and one for the rest of society (more brutish, draconian, unjust, and sadistic).

Another important element in this mix of injustice is the fact that not content with their ability to enjoy the benefits of a separate and unequal legal system for them, by having bought the entire goddamn government, they have now set their eyes on the next step in the process: the outright subjugation, exploitation, and enslavement of the population, all driven by an unquenchable greed.

So now, with full control of the government and with full collaboration of the money-grabbing-traitors-to-society politicians, these parasites have been able to usurp this awesome power in order to turn it against the populace, with the intention of instituting a total-information-awareness corporatist police state--a Corporatocracy.

Through their control they have been able to slowly dismantle the proper functioning of government, chipping away at the commons, at the public sector, in favor of a privatizing scheme meant to profit at the expense of the citizenry.

As this happens, we reach a point where we now have the higher inequality in income distribution in this country's history.  As the public sector is slowly dismantled, communities across the entire country find themselves in dire economic straits, forcing them to cut on all kinds of services, including education, police, health care, and the social safety net.

This situation helps destabilize communities (some more than others), with resulting spikes in crime and social dysfunction.  This of course has been done by design so the same people who engineered the conditions that brought about the social dysfunction, can now use these consequences as an opportunity to undermine constitutional rights, and establish a neo-fascistic new order.

It is within this context that the entire nascent techno-police state is then turned against the people, as a tool of oppression and exploitation.

And so technologies and agencies that were purportedly set up to protect us against terrorists and crime, are slowly turned against us, as the consequences of our acquiescence to give up constitutional rights in the name of security become more apparent.  But we should not be surprised about this, since our Founding Fathers warned us about this exact situation over two hundred years ago.

And so as these rich fucks get used to their unearned privilege, and given the historical proclivities of their social class, including a sense of entitlement, insatiable greed, total inability to understand the concept of empathy towards the oppressed, and sociopathic and sadistic tendencies, they proceed to put in place the framework of fascistic oppression, starting with a totally fucked up justice system.

It is a justice system where you have armies of increasingly sadistic prosecutors around the country turning the law upside down by charging defendants with an increasingly set of draconian laws, and astonishingly, and totally disproportional prison sentences.

All these things happening as the legal system is increasingly privatized, turning the concept of justice into just another profit-driven industry.

These small-minded and increasingly-sadistic prosecutors seem to get off on their power to go after regular folks for what once were minor infractions, and are now high crimes in their eyes.

They are like piranhas, hyenas, predators and scavengers feeding off the misery and inequality carefully institutionalized by their pay-masters.  And at the same time they ignore the crimes committed by the rich and powerful, especially those members of the Wall Street criminal cartel.

And so as a total-information-awareness web of illegal surveillance is cast about the entire country, purportedly to protect us, the citizens become prisoners in their own country; prisoners of the nascent fascist techno-police state.

When the rule of law ceases to apply equally to all; when the corruption becomes so entrenched that you end up with two separate systems of justice (one for the rich, and one for everybody else), then there is no justice.  The law ceases to have meaning.

And every time this has happened in history, the citizenry is forced to seek justice anyway they can; sometimes through vigilantism.

That of course, is very messy.  That's why it is better to have an ethical and responsive government that serves the people, and respects the concept of equal justice under the law for all.

But when that concept is turned on its head, there will be resistance.

And so it seems to me that when citizens come to understand that a tiny group of greedy and parasitic cowards and criminals, through the usurpation of government, try to enslave them, people are going to respond with a big GO FUCK YOURSELF!  Hell No!

I don't know that Anonymous would use that language, as they seem to be pretty polite in their official communications, but in effect, that's what they're doing; telling these tyrants that no, we are not going to be subjugated by a small group of greedy bastards.

There will be resistance, and the imposition of institutionalized oppression and exploitation will not be allowed.  

That's my theory...


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Originally posted to Ray Pensador on Sat Jan 26, 2013 at 10:31 PM PST.

Also republished by In Support of Labor and Unions and Anonymous Dkos.

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