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How to do we strategize our Progressive victories?

We do so by understanding ONCE AND FOR ALL:


It's all a game of chess.  Let me explain....


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The GOP are playing a chess match against the Progressives.  To do so they need their chess pieces.  To play chess, you need your pieces and their equivalent fighting powers.  Here are their pieces:

1) Abortion (now also contraception)
2) Gun Rights
3) Financial breaks for the rich and corporations
4) Racist/ White dominance issues
5) Planet Polluters (see #3)
6) Religious zealots

As you can see, they have their:

"Royal" pieces; Kings/Queens are the wealthy/corporations
"Knights" & "Rooks":  Religious institutions
"Pawns": abortion, gun righters, racists/white power types

Here's the Progressive side of match:

"Royal pieces": Hollywood liberals (Spielberg/Oprah- thank god we have them!), Liberal philanthropists (Soros)
"Knights", "Rooks", "Pawns":  everyone else in American who's not part of all the above!

As you can see by the trends of American, the tide is moving surely and permanently towards our direction.  More immigrants integrating into America and realizing clearly the zenophobic nature of the GOP and their supporters are staying in the safe side with us.  Spiritually growing people who no longer believe that religious institutions have the password to communing with "God", low income and middle Americans waking up to the realization they are being screwed good and hard by the wealthy/corporations.

What i seem is the GOP retreating into a tighter circle of the most dysfunctional groups of American society.  Drawing ever harder hardlines.  But their numbers will continue to shrink, putting more and more financial pressure on the wealthy/corporations to fund their chess match against the rest of us.  Bad news is those shrinking wealthy are exponentially increasing their wealth, despite being fewer by the numbers as the years go by.

The great batte lies in the middle:  The Middle Americans.

Those are our real brothers and sisters.  We've been fighting for ours and their rights to access to health, happiness, and freedom.

The GOP continue to lie and deceive the middle class, trying desperately to confuse them as to who their allies are.

Even the Red Staters are really our brothers and sisters.  They are suffering the lost of financial stability, healthcare, and quality of life that America can offer.  They've been turned to the "Dark Side" as their means for recuperating those things they desperately need, as we do.

We must have patient compassion that they are being fooled into fighting for their own oppressors.  They are the "powerful in numbers" segment of "pawns" that could join our fight and obliterate the GOP chess moves.

The battle for a Progressive victory and future of America lies in the great Middle.  If we win that, we win the chess match.

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