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Folks, I'll keep this one short, since I think the topic is pretty easy to cover.  Some sane people express concern about the Republican thugs and the assorted right wing groups of nut-jobs.  People get alarmed about their blunt attempts at imposing utterly crazy, corrupt and oppressive world view on the rest of society.

Others express alarm about all the talk from these wild-eyed nut-jobs about "killing people," about their needs to hang on to their guns so they can take on the "socialist government."

Behind much of it, keeping the hate and the ignorance and the paranoia in life support, of course is the money of the parasitic and fascistic group of right wing billionaires and the assorted public relations and propaganda groups, and politicians on the take that do their bidding... Yes, sometimes it all looks really bad.

But know something: All that saliva-spewing vitriolic and hateful yelling and screaming, and threatening, and all the intransigence by the remnants of the intellectual descendants of the Confederation in Congress and some state governments, and their odious and exploitative world view, who are still wanting to negate the fact that they lost the war back in the 1860's, is just a sign of a retrograde world view dying...

They are trying to hold on, and as they see their world view where hate and contempt, and racism, and religious fundamentalism, and extreme greed slowly disappears, they squirm and spew angry words, but it will be all for naught.  Eventually, ignorance and superstition will be replaced by enlightenment, brought to society only by the Progressive movement.

The country will continue moving from the insane "red" to the sane "blue."  Education will be valued; all people, including so-called minorities, gays, straights, men, women, etc., will be treated with equality under the law.  Gays will be able to marry.  We the people are going to clean up the corruption city by city, state by state... And we will continue the move forward towards a more perfect union.

So, yes, I know we have a lot of work ahead of us.  But do I really lose sleep over these right-wing nut-jobs?  No, I don't.  They are on their way to irrelevance, and eventually they will disappear, as the new generation embraces progressive values and enlightenment.

And for all their infantile violent rhetoric, let's remember that the last time "their kind" took on the lawful government of this country, they got soundly defeated.  The good people of this country will never, ever, let themselves be intimidated by a bunch of ignorant and brutish thugs.  It has never happen in the history of this great nation.  So carry on with your activism, city and city, state by state, and don't worry too much about these clowns.  Their world view is expiring.


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