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I'm Staying And You Can't Get Rid Of Me.

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Justice Putnam Self-Portrait / copyright Justice Putnam

The Justice Department is on Netroots Radio.com Sundays 8pm to 9pm Pacific and Mondays 9pm to Midnight Pacific. Powered by Unity Radio Net!

I'm Special Agent DJ Justice; Radio Host and Program / Artistic Director for Netroots Radio.com; and I'm manning the dials, spinning the discs, warbling the woofers, putting a slip in your hip and a trip to your hop.

The playlist for Sunday 27 January 8pm to 9pm Pacific Edition of The Justice Department: Musique sans Frontieres

 ~~ "The Perfume of Transience" ~~

1 - Grateful Dead -- "Til The Morning Comes"
2 - Beth Orton -- "She Cries Your Name"
3 - Brian Eno -- "Baby's On Fire"

Station Break

4 - The Pretenders -- "Kid"
5 - Siouxsie & The Banshees -- "Kiss Them For Me"
6 - Garbage -- "Milk"
7 - Massive Attack -- "Teardrop"

Station Break

8 - Style Council -- "Man of Great Promise"
9 - Kate Bush -- "And So Is Love"
10 - Cara Dillon -- "Black is The Colour"

Station Break

11 - Jeff Buckley -- "Lover You Should Have Come Over"
12 - William Orbit -- "Montok Point"
13 - Mari Boine -- "Vuoi Vuoi Mu"

Netroots Radio is there for ya, baby!


The Netroots Radio Player


Daily Kos Radio, Vintage James Baldwin, Labor History, Native American Documentaries, Flashpoints, Free Speech Radio News, Democracy Now, The David Packman Show, Working Family Radio, The Professional Left with Driftglass and Blue Gal, West Coast Cookbook & SpeakEasy 6 Minute Recipes, Jim Hightower, ACLU Minutes, Nicole Sandler, Shannyn Moore, Science and History Specials, your Netroots Radio Favorites... and so much more, on right now!

Go ahead, now you can listen while roaming the Big Orange and beyond!


(12-String Ovation Balladeer Astoria, Oregon / copyright Justice Putnam)


My skiff is made of spicewood       my oars are Cassia bract
Music flows      from bow to starboard
Early Mozart     cool side of  Coltrane   and miles and miles     of   Miles
Cheap Californian Merlot       and my young boyfriend

If   I could master      the nine doors of my body
And close my heart       to the cries of   suffering
Perhaps     I could love you like no other
Float my mind      toward the other side of   hate

The shanty towns of   Tijuana       sing for you
The slums of   Little Sudan       hold evening prayer
One dead brown boy is a tragedy
     Ten thousand is a statistic
So let’s fuck    my love       until the dogs pass

All beautiful boyfriends are transitory
They have no souls     they’re shiny brown flesh
Tomorrow they’ll turn into      purple festering corpses
Fissured     gored    by a myriad flies

Down the Irrawaddy River       you lay yourself   to sleep
No sun no moon          no coming no going
No causality   no personality
No hunger     no thirst

Malarial deltas      typhoidal cays
Tsunamis don’t judge     Calamity grieves no one
The poor will be submerged     the rich won’t be saved
Purge the innocent     sink the depraved

What do I smell        but the perfume of   transience
Crushed calyxes         rotting phloems
Let’s write     pretty poems        pretty poems      pretty poems
Masque stale pogroms    with a sweet whiff of oblivion

-- Marilyn Chin
From “Beautiful Boyfriend”


Voices and Soul appears on Black Kos Tuesday's Chile; poetry chosen and critiqued by Black Kos Poetry Editor Justice Putnam.


(Cut Stones and Arch St Ceneri, France / copyright Justice Putnam)


Question: Who is your audience? What are you here for?

Answer: Tribal Alliances, Heart-felt Convictions, Passionate Reason, Random Abandon, Sustainable Civility and a kiss; to comfort the sad and the mad Ones; the Ones roaming the International section of the American Supermarket at night; or roaming the neglected streets looking for an angry malaprop to sink their teeth into; the Ones who seek without seeking and learn as much as they teach; the Ones who embrace and kiss and embrace again; the Ones who sing the song of the city and the ballads of the forest; the Ones who chant the rhythm of the sea and hum the melody of the desert; the Ones who sing the prayer of Her name and Her name is the World. Yes, those are the Ones.    -- JP


(Man, Girl and Broken Window Klamath Falls, Oregon / copyright Justice Putnam)


(Can you help folks in need heat their homes and cook their food on the Rosebud and Pine Ridge Reservations. Navajo has an important diary posted with all the particulars. Even a small amount can work towards building the minimum.

Could you please help?)


So that explains it... !

Sunlight and Water Pitcher Muir Beach / copyright Justice Putnam


... Or does it?

(Holy Bible and 3 in 1 Oil Berkeley, California / copyright Justice Putnam)



(Rail Road Crossing, Sonoma California / copyright Justice Putnam)


"Many heroes lived before Agamemnon, but they are all unmourned, and consigned to oblivion, because they had no bard to sing their praises."

 -- Horace

"Still the race of hero spirits pass the lamp from hand to hand."

-- Charles Kingsley


Rest in Peace Aaron Swartz



(Morning Fog And Surf, Muir Beach, California / copyright Justice Putnam)


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