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As expected, a new GOP “We're the Party of New” propaganda video has been released. The video cycles between sequences of happy, smiling citizens of all backgrounds and... Reince Priebus, as he gives what appears to be some sort of motivational-inspirational speech designed to convince the country just how awesome the Republican Party really is.

Here I was, hoping against all hope, that somehow this would be the one that would finally get me to say, despite all evidence to the contrary:

Wow! Where have I been all this time? The Republican party really is...for me.
Years of watching the GOP destroy this country have made me a bit of a tough sell however, so I offer the two-minute-long video below for you to decide for yourself.

Just try to keep an open mind. And a straight face.

My favorite part? This one, where Priebus emphatically says:
And to those of you who have left the party, we want to earn your trust again. We're gonna be a Republican party that people will want to join. A party that inspires again.

It doesn't matter where you live, who you are, what you look like, or what your last name is...
Ha ha. Tell that to Barack Hussein Obama.

Ok, so how has this performance been received by viewers so far? The rave reviews are pouring in:

“Tepid.”Member #227087 at a prominent blog site
FAIL.” — Mr. D. Head
“Insincere and lacking substance.”Jerome Garcia
“Charisma-challenged presentation misses the mark.”Disappointed in Seattle
“Where's the beef?”disgruntled lady at a fast food restaurant
So there you have it. Five out of five sockpuppet reviewers agree: the Republican Party has a long way to go before those shunned by the party up until about two days ago start stampeding back into their arms.

In other words, it's gonna take alot more than some dumbfuck video, Reince, to earn that trust again.



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