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He was right on the 'surge' in Iraq and 'taking the eyes' off Afghanistan!

Brother, Vietnam, Mac was 'right' but not for what he thinks as he continues the rovian revisionism, only that 'history has already been written about Iraq' and everyone knows that history write as it continues to be written, especially the rest of the World.

Taking eyes off Afghanistan: Iraq should never have happened!

The 'surge' cost our military dearly in rapid rise in lives lost and the many maimed but also in creating even more hatreds, already having destroyed that so called National Security by invading, as the atrocities outside of any military mission also rose. And it cost dearly in the rapid depleting of the treasury the war and occupation had already done and continued. The private sector and the congressional insider trading reaped huge rewards from our treasury, not only as to the defense industry but also those no bid private sector war contracts which also 'surged'. Nothing has been paid back on that depletion and especially nothing as to the results in the countries responsibility the Veterans Administration, for both wars, and DeJa-Vu all over again never will!

Taking the eyes off of Afghanistan had already happened, the country cheered on the abandoning of the main missions of why the military was sent to that region with the drum beats of war, on ginned up so called intelligence, pointed at Iraq, those same war drums continue to beat but pointed at Iran and by the same drummers. Thus Afghanistan completely stopped being anything about 9/11 and just another of this countries quagmires of occupying another country as those sent try to accomplish at least a very small portion of those abandoned first missions and the countries promises to the Afghan people, second time of major abandoning of those promises as same given as to the Afghan/Soviet war.

The Abandoning of Afghanistan into the Iraq war of choice by the civilian and some military leaders and the 'surge', also greatly enhanced the spread of the al Qaeda model of international criminal terrorism, seeking blowback in the rage from the terror wrought, to other countries on the planet which is causing many of today's deadly and destructive problems. That to is the history all ready known and continuing as it will for the coming couple of decades as noted back with the growing drum beats now more then a decade old.

Hagel's comment about Congress and the Israeli lobby was also right, Ms Lindsey intimidated by the Israeli lobby, proven over and over in the hearing with all the attacks, script talking points written by that lobby, at him made by those who just greatly enhanced their campaign contributions, for some for many years, by that constant attack. And especially for the newer members who need those lobby funds, like the just leaving the age of voluntary recruitment into the military after 9/11 new member super patriot chickenhawk, who's already shown he doesn't mind spitting on military troops especially us Vietnam Vets, Sen. Cruz from Texas, to maintain staying on the public payroll.


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Hagel continuing, if confirmed, what the whole Obama Administration has carried out since entering the Executive branch, certainly not by many in Congress, especially the House, nor the country, started by the First and Second ladies even before that!

Hagel Vows Policies Worthy of U.S. Service Members, Families
WASHINGTON, Jan. 31, 2013 - Former Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel told the Senate Armed Services Committee today that his guiding principle is to make U.S. policy worthy of our troops and their families and the sacrifices we ask them to make.

In his opening statement at his confirmation hearing, Hagel -- President Barack Obama's choice to succeed retiring Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta -- said he supports the administration's policies down the line.

Hagel, who served as an Army sergeant in Vietnam, stressed his own time in the military and his experiences as a veteran while reiterating his commitment to taking care of service members, veterans and their families. read more>>>

And he will, just like the recent Defense Secretaries, carried into the recent Joint Chiefs,  in the Obama administration along with the other cabinet members who've extended help to the long underfunded, especially with these two wars, Veterans Administration to accomplish what wasn't being done previously, except for a few congressional bills mostly for political purposes as elections came near, as well as some that did manage to get accomplished even through the obstruction.

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