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In the realm of the tin eared Republicans and their pals in the NRA management any changes to the gun laws are unacceptable.  Not even willing to try and make new rules are these otherwise educated (I think) folks.  Yet, the public wants/demands changes and that damn quickly!

I am a life member of the NRA though I have resisted endless appeals for more money "to protect gun owners rights" for many years now.  So, I might not be a lifer anymore.  Oh well.

 I want to see limits on magazines, limits on rifle style by that I mean autoloading military style assault rifles of modern types...exceptions being historical collector type weapons like the MP44 Sturmgewere and the caliber 30 US M-1 carbine which is a fine center fire training rifle for a younger shooter and a good "bottle buster" plinker for marksmanship sharpening.  The MP44 is more likely to be stolen and fenced for cash than used in some drive-by, and the ammunition is unavailable for the most part.  Let's jump.


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Our biggest job is to convince old Mr. what's his name from down the road that controlling assault rifles does not, repeat does not equal taking his Winchester model 94, or that Remington model 870 shotgun, or his old colt .45.

This is the fear being whipped up.  No one wants standard hunting rifles, what control needs to be put on are these military style super rifles with fearsome rates of fire even in semi-autmatic and huge capacity clips, as well as tactical weapons like that Russian AK-47 based 12 gauge tactical shotgun which has a magazine drum capacity of I think 100 rounds...this particular weapon scares the bejeebers out of the cops let alone anyone down range of this killing machine.

It isn't the 223 cartridge that is a big bug-a-boo, as 223 is available with all manner of civilian hunting projectiles that make it a fine varmint cartridge for medium range.  It's a bit light for deer and I wouldn't use it for such myself.  For accuracy, there are some dandy turn bolt rifles out there that that really put a capital A on accuracy from the 223 cartridge.

7.62 X 39 is a cartridge of limited use beyond military applications...this is the AK-47 round.  Reworked 6.35 and 6.5 millimeter versions are far more flexibly useful, and bare bolt actions for the round are available and barrels in the various wild cat versions will make the foundation for a fine light hunter with some stopping power within range and velocity limits.  The 5.7mm AK-74 round is a good medium range varminter in a tight bolt action, but the 74 in itself is simply an ugly bullet "sprayer" for tactical purpose  You don't need tactical weapons for hunting, you want accuracy and precision for one shot-one deer results.

Lock up all weapons not only in a locker box but with trigger locks as well.  DO NOT leave the keys around where anyone can get to them!  Keep rifles and ammunition locked in seperate lockers in different places, or at a gun club range!!!

Do not keep a pistol or shotgun in a bedroom!  Use instead a sound box with the recording of a pump action shotgun cocking along with a device that automatically turns on lights all over the house and outside...it really works!

Be safe!  It beats being sorry.  Tell the NRA to kiss off, and tell the Republicans to wake up and see what the public demands when it comes to firearms safety.  so long as the pubbies act like feral children in congress and fawn over the NRA nothing gets done...and how many more must die?      

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Originally posted to boilerman10 on Fri Feb 01, 2013 at 07:08 PM PST.

Also republished by Shut Down the NRA and Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA).

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