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One of the main arguments made by the people who want no more regulation, especially with assault rifles that are not assault rifles , is that an "dressed up" rifle with military looking cosmetics is not an assault rifle because it fires only on semi -auto while a real assault rifle can be fire in full auto or in bursts. For some odd reason, proponents for no regulation on large magazines and civilian derivatives of a Military assault rifle believe that people against these rifles and large magazines simply don't understand what the difference is between them. You'll see this first hand below as the individual editorializes on why people against these rifles are playing on people's ignorance of the difference between the two.

  Follow me below for the demonstration between the two.


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Here we have a well versed and what appears to be a high experienced  individual demonstrating why an AR-15 is not an Assault rifle by making a comparison to a real assault rifle that fires full auto. Lets just take him at his word for a bit ( suspend all disbelief) even when he lets seconds go by between rounds on a semi-auto and then fires deadly bursts with a full auto.

Then much hilarity ensues here as THE SAME GUY demonstrates the lethality of a $350 accessory that turns a non-assault rifle into a full automatic which is  an assault rifle by his definition in video one.  It's tough to argue with results.

Those who have fired semi-autos knows one can delivering an amazing amount of rounds downrange in  a very short time with as much if not more  lethality than a "real" assault rifle can on full auto. The videos show that people for no regs believe that the  ignorance of the differences in a "assault weapon and a semi-auto that "is a dressed up squirrel gun" is cause and effect of the AWB1. Now-a-days, we have  the tools to show the differences and show why this argument is specious at best or  an out and out lie at worst.

Still the politics of this calls for a series of small bills instead of going for it all. I hope we can pass something that at least deals with registration and background checks. The belief that there is going to be a AWB2 with teeth unlike AWB1 that allowed grandfathering, will never be voted on. Right now, the NRA , is being supported by the gun and ammo makers sales which is at an all time high with ASPs ( average selling price) at all time highs as Bobswern pointed out in his diary . That means the NRA has more than enough cash to put on a full court press not unlike what we saw in ACA act which was only passed in a watered down form when there was as close to  complete control of the govt as the Dems will ever get.

Lets not forget that the level of public corruption is at an all time high and that the prior congress which is not much different from this one was amazingly at ease in ignoring what the majority of constituents were demanding. The 2012 election more or less was a confirmation that there is no real penalty for ignoring the majority as long as they follow the money.

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Originally posted to Dburn on Sat Feb 02, 2013 at 09:19 AM PST.

Also republished by Shut Down the NRA and Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA).

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