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Ed Markey's Senate campaign has two barely functional Web sites, and hardly any activity on Facebook or Twitter, but loads of fundraising. And loads of handwringing about when and how he will start seriously campaigning against primary opponent Stephen Lynch.

Normally I tell Democratic handwringers to just get over it and get on with it. Dems are growing spines, some of them, and Republicans with increasing frequency bluster and then cave, as their base continues to erode. However, I admit that Martha Coakley completely blew her Senate race against Scott Brown in Massachusetts, and so I would never tell Kossacks or any other Progressives not to be concerned at all. Whatever the state of an election, whether it seems to be utterly impossible or totally in the bag, we have to execute to the best of our ability.

Take the conversation on the issues to the opposition. Hammer the gaffes that are increasingly common among the entitled, bigoted, un-self-aware Republicans who can get past the Tea Party censors, Grover Norquist, and the NRA. GOTV, especially. Raise money. If we are behind, claw back. If we are ahead, don't blow it, and if possible run up the score pour encourager les autres. You know the drill.

Does Ed Markey know the drill? Most certainly. Is he executing? Not yet, certainly not at full strength. Should we worry? If worrying helps you execute, by all means. If it paralyzes you, then definitely not. But before we try to reach any conclusions, let us begin with facts, and think about how to get more of them. Because that's where we have Republicans beat six ways from your preferred holy day, if any, and from nowhere if not.


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We have known that Ed Markey wanted to run to replace Sen. John Kerry, now President Obama's Secretary of State, since Kerry's name was first floated. Markey correctly waited until after Kerry formally resigned from the Senate to have his official campaign launch for Kerry's seat, but has been busy behind the scenes the whole time. So it is puzzling that his campaign Web sites only have links for donations, newsletter subscriptions, liking on Facebook, and Twitter even after the launch, while his opponent Stephen Lynch has a slightly more informative site, with the basic links plus a video. But only slightly more informative so far. It isn't panic time.

Lynch is frequently described as very socially conservative and Pro-Life. I find the case to be more mixed than that, but I invite you to examine his record at On The Issues and elsewhere and see for yourself. He himself claims that he could appeal to Scott Brown voters.

On abortion, the Boston Herald reports

Lynch in fact has a mixed record on abortion, displeasing both pro-choice and pro-life sides. Lately he’s fared better
with pro-choicers, currently 
receiving an 83 percent rating from Planned Parenthood (compared with a 100 percent rating for his Democratic primary 
opponent, U.S. Rep. Edward Markey). The National Right to Life Committee, meanwhile, rates Lynch at 10 percent since he voted with their legislation just once in two years. This compares with a zero rating for Markey.
He voted against TARP because it did nothing for mortgage holders, and against ObamaCare because it was too friendly to insurance companies.

Certainly Markey has a Progressive record, which you can also examine at On The Issues. For example, he is rated 100% by NARAL Pro-Choice, and 0% by NLRC, and he is quite outspoken about Global Warming and the sins of oil companies like BP.

Lynch went negative from the first moment, claiming that the Democratic Party endorsement of Ed Markey is a big money power grab, just when Markey was challenging him to take big money out of the race.

Shame on us if we allow somebody to purchase the election and clear the field without even having a choice.
Lynch's strength is in support from some by by no means all unions, led by the Ironworkers' Union in which he was President of a South Boston local. SEIU among others opposes him.

The part that is well-organized for Markey is the fundraising. I have received two appeals, both diaried by poopdogcomedy, from Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) and Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH), and I see that the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee (DSCC) has done much the same.

Ed Markey on the Web

edmarkey.org campaign site.

edmarkey.com campaign site.

edmarkey.net is owned by a different Ed Markey.

Twitter: @EdMarkey "Official account for Rep. Ed Markey's campaign for Senate in Massachusetts. Tweets from Ed are signed -EM." 654 followers

Ed Markey ‏@EdMarkey
I want to take my fight for #MA families to the #Senate. Get more info, sign up for alerts, follow & RT today! http://www.EdMarkey.com  -EM
@EdMarkeyComm The Ed Markey Committee for his House campaigns. Inactive since November. 1082 followers.

Facebook: The Ed Markey Committee 2870 likes as of noon on Feb. 3.

Added later: Ed Markey
"This is the official page for Ed Markey’s U.S. Senate campaign. Follow to keep up with all the latest news on Ed's fight for Massachusetts families."

YouTube: Ed Markey

Stephen F. Lynch on the Web

Do not confuse him with musician Stephen Lynch, owner of StephenLynch.com.

Campaign Web site:stephenflynch.com Note the F. The domain stephenlynchforcongress.com redirects here.

House Web site

Twitter: @RepStephenLynch "The official twitter account of Congressman Stephen F. Lynch. Proudly serving the 8th Congressional District of Massachusetts."  Nothing on the Senate campaign yet. 1111 followers.

Facebook: Stephen Lynch for Congress 4370 likes

Stephen F. Lynch

Youtube: Stephen Lynch

Markey vs. Lynch on Daily Kos

Stephen Lynch enters Democratic primary in Massachusetts Senate special election, by dKos Election maven David Nir.

MA-Sen: It's Official, Stephen Lynch (D) Will Run For Senate by poopdogcomedy

MA-Sen: Ed Markey (D) Echoes Elizabeth Warren (D) by poopdogcomedy

U.S. Senate candidate and Congressman Ed Markey (D. MA-5) is taking another page from Senator Elizabeth Warren's (D. MA) playbook in calling for a "People's Pledge" to limit outside group spending on the upcoming special election to fill Senator John Kerry's (D. MA) seat:

Ed Markey Calls For 'People's Pledge' To Limit Outside Spending In Massachusetts Senate Race

On Monday, the Markey campaign released a challenge to all unannounced candidates to accept a "people's pledge" to keep spending by independent groups out of the special election.

"I am challenging all of the candidates—Democrats and Republicans—in this special election for the United States Senate to join me in committing to the people’s pledge upon entering this race," Markey said in a statement released by his campaign." If all the candidates agree, we can give the voters the kind of debate they deserve. This election should be a forum for the voices of everyday voters, not attacks from Karl Rove and other outside special interests. This election should be focused on big issues and ideas, not big-money outside groups."


If you know of other campaign resources for either Markey or Lynch, please add links in the comments. In particular, where would one find their campaign event and media schedules? I didn't see either of them on the Sunday talk shows yesterday, nor on C-SPAN.

Added after publication:

Markey is the clear choice for MA Dems by Left Out Loud.

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