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In 2012 we were finally able to wrest the Illinois 10th out of the hands of Republicans. Can we do even better in 2014?


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During the 2012 primary last March we were faced with a choice between two serious candidates. First, we had an establishment candidate, only inches to the left of Robby Dold in Brad Schneider or the true progressive who was serious about championing our ideas and our philosophies in Ilya Sheyman. At the beginning of the primary season I was an adamant supporter of Mr. Sheyman. After decades of right-wing, conservative control it was refreshing to have a candidate who was running progressive values instead of trying to emulate the other guys. However, as the primary wore on, I bought into what the Schneider camp was selling, about Schneider being the only candidate who could beat Robby in the general election. I figured that it would be better to vote for the candidate I agreed with less in Schneider than risk losing to Robby again. So, when March 20 rolled around I voted for him and I feel vindicated after his triumph over Robby in November. But, that being said, I think we should aim a little higher in 2014.

Obviously it would be a little unusual to challenge an incumbent in a primary, but it's not unheard of. Now that we finally have freed ourselves from the yoke that was decades of Republican leadership, let's put in a real, progressive democrat. I have to say, part of me was a little disgusted when Schneider voted for the Republican PR bill. (No budget, no pay or whatever that trite piece of you-know-what was called) Congresswoman Schakowsky didn't vote for it because she knew exactly what it was: a transparent attempt for Republicans to look like they're trying to do anything except royally screw over poor people. Why on earth would Schneider help Republicans like that?

Now that the district is back in our hands and no Republican could possibly hope to win it back now that it leans so mightily in our favor, why don't we elect a real, ardent hardcore Democrat? Someone whose votes will more resemble Congresswoman Schakowsky than Robby Dold?

Does anyone have any updates on what Mr. Sheyman has been doing since the last election? I know he was named by Governor Quinn to some advisory board, but has anyone heard if he will be re-entering politics and would maybe consider running again?

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Originally posted to ltp102 on Sun Feb 03, 2013 at 08:12 PM PST.

Also republished by Land of Lincoln Kos.


Would you vote against an incumbent in a primary in a safe Dem district?

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