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I just got back Saturday from the American Association of Community College's Workforce Development Institute in San Diego.  This was my second trip in the past six months to sunny California - my first was to the American Association of Sustainability in Higher Education conference in Los Angeles in October - and I'd be hard-pressed to say that I got more out of that larger (far larger) conference than I did from the sustainability-focused pre-conference I attended on Wednesday.  If any of you work in the community college side of sustainability education, operations, or policy, I can highly recommend the SEED center's yearly event that's affiliated with WDI - not with the full AACC conference.

While I was in town, I (of course) took every chance I could to get outside - the weather was divine and there's only so long one can sit in a windowless hotel conference room.  Follow me below the Kos croissant for more.


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Whale at Sheraton San Diego Harbor

I stayed at the Sheraton Harbor Island, and this statue lies between the back of the hotel and marina access.

Half Shell 'Luna' oysters at the nearby restaurant C Level

C Level Restaurant is about a half mile down the island.  They have surprisingly good food served in shockingly large portions.  Should you go for happy hour, many of those portions are available for just $5 each.  Be forewarned, though they're called "bites," they aren't.  My second trip there, I had the lovely little briny oysters pictured here, and my first orange wine from Slovenia.  Both were delicious, and even more so when combined.

Sailcloth and Line

My last full day in town, there weren't many sessions to interest me, so I took the morning to visit the San Diego Maritime Museum.  I'll never regret it.  The Star of India is moored there, as is the HMS Rose's replica ship the HMS Surprise, used in Master and Commander and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, along with a couple of submarines, a steam boat, and a working pilot ship that took us out for a harbor cruise.  The cruise is only $5 with admission to the museum - one of the most reasonable prices you'll see along the Embarcadero.  

Mast, Star of India

With my lifelong passion for the water and ways to move around on it, I was completely smitten by the Star.  She is a splendid, fetching, and wonderfully restored piece of floating art.  I only wish I could go out on her.

Line, Star of India

Star of India


Looking south, the cruise ship moored there look like huge, sparkling buildings dropped in the Bay.  I believe this one was from Geneva, but I forgot to note her name.  If any of you recognize her, please chip in!


Sea Lion on Buoy 22

Bridge to Coronado

One of the best things about being on Harbor Island is that you have a relatively safe and secluded place for walking - all along the Bay, the length of the Island.

Over there on the right is a Nimitz Class Carrier, CVN-70, the USS Carl Vinson.  San Diego is her homeport.

Golden Sunset

Aperol Sour with Sour Cherries

I found a new favorite beverage while I was in town - the Aperol Sour is DELICIOUS!

San Diego Skyline

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