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He certainly made my life work just to plow through his speech today. This speech was supposed to be about the repositioning of the Republican Party and their Major New Policy Initiatives. The title of the speech was Make Life Work

You can read it for yourself here

Folks, if this is what passes for Major New Policy Initiatives, then I hardly know what to say. This speech sets new records for Vapidity and Vacuousness and just general Clulessness about the issues facing the average American today.


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But today, I'd like to focus our attention on what lies beyond these fiscal debates. Over the next two years, the House Majority will pursue an agenda based on a shared vision of creating the conditions for health, happiness and prosperity for more Americans and their families. And to restrain Washington from interfering in those pursuits.

We will advance proposals aimed at producing results in areas like education, health care, innovation and job growth. Our solutions will be based on the conservative principles of self reliance, faith in the individual, trust in the family and accountability in government. Our goal – to ensure every American has a fair shot at earning their success and achieving their dreams.

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Followed by blah blah blah blah we want a better world for our children blah blah.

Finally, 1st concrete proposal, sort of - "an educational system that works" which appears to be a pitch for our old friend, the charter school movement.

Then he rambles on about that for a bit before making another trenchant observation -  College Tuition is too high. Then he makes absolutely no proposal about how to fix high tuition except for some idea that people need to know what major is most employable in the future and parents need a better breakdown on costs, so that they may better deploy their too high costs! Thanks for that Eric, that will really make a big difference to every family facing the issue of unaffordable college tuition. He does make a reference that Senators Rubio and Wyden have some kind of plan for providing opportunity and low tuition which they unveiled at the AEI, but guess the details have no place in this speech about Major Policy Initiatives.

But Congress is going to work at financial aid incentives to get students to graduate earlier  and promoting entrepreneurship in higher ed including for profit institutions (uh oh) and they're going to be transparent about it!

The more blah blah blah and then he is all happy about the STEM Jobs Act which will allow foreign nationals with advanced degrees to stay in the US

More blah blah blah and then he points out that wages are the same as in 1997 but don't forget more people get healthcare now with those wages
 Actually he could have gone back much father to find the stagnation point for wages and if anything the health coverages are WORSE now then they were in the past when full family coverage was much more prevalent. So I award him 2 ass ears here for being idiotic.

Blah blah blah Jobs Training- need more. Give employers the right to turn overtime into comp time or flex time

Now a completely incomprehensible area about how we have a crummy tax system and we need to provide more support for people with families. O . . .Kay. . .  but what exactly?

Now the section on healthcare. OMG, this area simply defies any adequate summary - basically we have to fix Medicaid and Medicare and it would be great if every senior had access to the Mayo clinic model and yes costs are too high but and here is the most incredible statement I have ever heard anyone anywhere make about our current healthcare situation

Even those who have pre-existing conditions could get the coverage they need without a trillion dollar government program costing us all more.

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How Eric?! How do people who have pre-existing conditions get the health coverage they need? Just because you say so you unempathetic Social Darwinist? Note the very revealing, whiny complaint about 'costing us all more'. That's what societies do, Eric. They spread the cost I know they don't do that in the Lord of the Flies Dystopia envisioned by Republicans, but in normal functioning societies that's what happens.

Okay, I'm really losing it now. Then Cantor ends by apparently advocating that immigrants who came here as children can stay and we need a guest worker program and Emma Lazarus and the Statue of Liberty and blah blah blah blah.

And that, my friends, is how the Republicans will Make Life Work.

Doesn't that title remind you of To Serve Mankind? Perhaps the Republican agenda is to make life work. In summary:  We will toil in the corporate salt mines at low pay (but we'll get flex time!) and be allowed to make better choices at how we'll be screwed with our tuition dollars and we'll have some sort of job training and if we have kids we'll get tax credits or something and Medicare and Medicaid will be fixed and some immigrants can stay and now why wouldn't you vote for Republicans?

Very compelling Eric. Very very compelling. Stick with this plan. It's a complete winner.

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Originally posted to Phoebe Loosinhouse on Tue Feb 05, 2013 at 12:22 PM PST.

Also republished by Virginia Kos.

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