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I wanted to read a few different blogs, and point out a few things that I read. What I thought about the blogs, and what stuck out for me. So I had read two different blog entries.. 1. I read the article "the unlikely Champion of a water bottle ban. 2. I read the sustaining Urban Ecosystems. Nothing extravagant, nonetheless quite significant.  


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1. Banning non-reusable bottles in national parks: The issue with using petroleum based products is that they are not reusable, and harm the environment. Most people are aware of this problem, that and many others associated with petrol products. Such as waste build up, pollution of water, air, soil, etc.. This article addresses that issue well, and they are quite aware that it should be resolved to ensure a sustainable future. They gave some great examples of national parks that have taken initiative to resolve this issue by banning the sale of plastic water bottles, and switching to the use of reusable water bottles. The permanent bottle is a $5 and can be refilled at will at water stations throughout the park, instead of a impermanent $2 that goes to trash build up.  In my mind this seems a lot like common sense, and should be something practiced world wide. From the business perspective..It's all about the money. The selling of non renewable bottles contributes to a good portion of profit for not only national parks, but around the world. Grand canyon, and Zions national parks have already taken these next steps toward a sustainable future, and actually received Environmental Achievement Award for their attempt to contribute to maintaining waste flow. I love this, and believe any first steps toward sustainability are the greatest steps. Someone must take responsibility, show some initiative and others will follow.

2. Urban Ecosystems: I had scrolled through the design section of the treehugger blog, and found an article that sparked my interest. The article was not to long, but profound any many ways, on various scales. The goal of the article was to show how easy it was to create greater diversity within an urban habitat. To me this is what is the most important, because most of the world population lives within urban areas, and therefor have great impact on the environment. The proposal was to integrate birdbaths/planting beds within the outer sides of the house to blend in the bricks. you can find a picture in the link here http://media.treehugger.com/... This is so simple, yet so significant. It allows for diversity in many ways. Including, but not limited to; Introducing birds, insects, and other animals to come to the area and bring with them various items from the outside. Things like seeds, pollen, and natural fertilizers. There is no sustainability without diversity, that is why I choose to review this blog. mmm, truly beautiful.


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