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Walk into Jackson Middle School and you'll see this painting of Jesus hanging in the same spot it's occupied in this rural Ohio public school since 1947:

If the ACLU and the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) have their way, the portrait will be removed on the grounds that it violates the Constitution by promoting religion.

Acting on behalf of a family who was uncomfortable with having an overtly religious picture in a public school, last month FFRF presented Jackson City Schools Superintendent Phil Howard with a letter requesting that the portrait be removed.  Howard objected to outsiders meddling in his school district's affairs, saying "They don't know anything about the culture of our community."

The following graphic shows the religious breakdown of Jackson, OH.  "Other" would presumably be people who are home watching professional wrestling on Sunday morning, but they could also include a sprinkling of Jewish or Muslim residents.

The refusal of the school board to act on FFRF's initial request has prompted the ACLU and the FFRF to file a lawsuit in U.S. District Court.  The lawsuit reads in part:
Display of said portrait of Jesus constitutes an offensive affront to the religious and moral convictions of Plaintiffs, making them feel like outsiders who are being coerced by their government into observing the religious portrait of an individual identified with one particular religion.

I thought the controversial nature of this story might yield some interesting online comments, so I spent a little time searching.  Hilarity ensues after the jump.


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The following comments were found posted on various online versions of this story:

"In the middle of all of the evil surrounding us and growing stronger, we need to remove portraits of Jesus from schools. Thank you ACLU"

"The crucifixion of Christ is a historical fact."

"This "portrait" of Jesus has always disgusted me. How arrogant to paint his likeness as a handsome European man with flowing locks. If he even existed (he probably did), he would have resembled, well, a Middle Eastern guy. Put a little, brown Jewish dude up in the school, and I'll shut up."

"You, Heavenly Father, are the real foundation of our nation.  I thank you for making me a citizen of this land of freedom and unlimited opportunity...which are the results of its Christian base. Please surround and protect us, and our military with Your love and mercy...in Jesus' name. Amen"

"The ACLU can go # itself. That operation does not have an objective, impartial view of the 1st Amendment evidenced by at least the recent Benghazi film assault."

"There was 300 people who showed up to support to keep the picture of Christ on the wall and only two who where there to speak against it. Why has this country turned * backwards? Should not majority rule? There could be 1000 people wanting to keep the Ten Commandments displayed , and all it takes is one atheist to complain and bring it down."

"Jesus is the only way to approach the Heavenly Father. You may disagree or you may hate Him but you cannot change that truth."

"Ask the ACLU:
What did Jesus look like?
How do you know?
Since you can’t prove this is a likeness of Jesus, the picture stays!"

"Does that mean we can also get rid of any and all the portraits of Dr. Martin Luther King in schools? He was a preacher too."

"and the nation wonders why our children are killing and being killed."

"So, if the school hung a picture of Muhammed beside Jesus, guess that would make it OK. The ACLU are a bunch of dyckheads.

"Since Jamie Fox sees fit to label Obama,"Our Lord and Saviour", can we have portraits of him removed from schools while we're at it?"

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