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While I certainly do not agree with the public release of candid private photos, the recent release of images from the Bush Family has brought to light the astounding work of George W Bush. While only two masterpieces have emerged so far, the glimpse it offers into the mind of one of America's most controversial presidents is borderline breath taking, as if one was being waterboarded with knowledge.

Without further ado, the Bathroom Era by George W Bush.


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'Khan at the Door'
George W Bush
- Oil on Canvas

This whirlwind of ideas is about coming to terms with using America's military might to right a wrong against his father, and to fulfill his own Alexander the Great fantasies.

From the outset, Bush's total disregard for both perspective and basic depth of field techniques known to any artist since the Renaissance makes a bold claim that here is his statement of conquest in art, may even the masters of old hear its glory. Even his basic drawing techniques harkens to the caves of Lascaux, a childlike scrawl so even the simplest man, or artist, could understand it.

But as a self-portrait, one must ask, why does Bush not enter the shower? There in lies the heart of the piece. It is his story of Babylon and Baghdad, for they are one in the same.

When Bush steps into the shower he is baptized and born anew; yet another Khan knocking on Babylon's door. For once he is in the shower he must come face to face with a rendition of his own face as if it were on a Grecian urn from antiquity. A reflection just on the edge of darkness, for heavy is the head that wears the crown.

Historically significant, since we know he most certainly did knock as a khan. And interesting to know he spent so much time in the shower thinking about it, he felt the need to get down on canvas.

'Nights After Cheney'
George W Bush
- Oil on Canvas

Continuing with his rebirth theme, here Bush represents the lonely nights in the White House. Not only a man secluded by power, but also by an over-bearing and abusive Vice-President.

One can only wonder if Bush is trying wash clean one of the many vile ideas that came from Cheney night after night. Is this his Lady Macbeth? Trying desperately to wash away the sins that outraged the nation, the entire planet and possibly even Bush's own soul?

One can only wonder if they had to spend a night listening to Cheney throw his shadow across the world, would they run that water hot, or would they run it ice, ice cold.

All one could hope, as Bush lays out in this masterpiece, is for the water to run its course, and one can arise anew, with the taint of Cheney circling the drain.

At least that is what Bush is hoping for his legacy.

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Originally posted to Patience John on Fri Feb 08, 2013 at 11:46 AM PST.

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