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Step 1: Set up a sympathetic persona (a couple sock puppets are also helpful, but not necessary--- if you can fool a few established members of the social community to fill the same role- so much the better)-

Step 2: Join groups of people known to believe in the best of humanity (e.g., pootie groups are perfect for this).

Step 3: Post unrelated diaries about something the community believes in (e.g., Scott Walker is a jerk, Wisconsin politics)-- gain trust by jumping on any bandwagons that are trending in the community--- use your sock puppets to support your claims.

Step 4. Reveal personal information that most folks would never reveal to strangers on an internet form, build trust by revealing details that a reasonable person would never state to the world and act indignant if anyone questions this type of behavior.

Step 5. Construct a hard luck/cash grab story that puts you in the center of a horrible series of misfortunes (e.g., They might take my kid away and my wife is in cahoots with an oxycontin freak). Go ahead and make shit up! and when some caring individual delves further and your story starts to fall apart, say oh "my mistake" I thought it was $400 for a restraining order because so and so told me so... Deflect, apologize, use your sock puppets and shills, and beg-- it is a win win for you... if someone doubts you, invite them to personally email you so that you can invite them into an even deeper web of lies and confidence schemes!

Step 6. Use your sock puppets or sympathetic shills to immediately jump on any accusations that question your validity. (e.g.,"This "person" has been totally involved in Wisconsin union rights for a long time and how dare you question their motives!")

Step 7. Check your paypal account... go on vacation, sip mai thais, start other scams on other blog sites, and enjoy the proceeds from people who only want to help others that they think are in need..rinse and repeat... and never forget to set up similar scams (using different personas) on other social media sites that attract people who tend to believe what they read from people that they have never met. You'll make a fortune!- and steal from all types of folks--- Have fun!

So long and thanks for all the fish!  Cosigned by Gay girl in Damascus and Lennay Kekua


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