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I come from a family of letter writers. Maybe why I post a lot here. I don't know. For my entire adult life I got almost a letter a day from my dad. Sure now it is an email but for many, many years I got a letter mailed to me (since like 1986). They usually went and do to this day, go something like this:

I hope you are doing well. We mowed the lawn today. It was hot. I am reading the newest book from James Lee Burke. You should pick it up. We love you. Lets us know how you are doing.
Below the fold my ode to the Postal service.

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I am a tech geek. I will admit I don't often use the Postal service much. But I can turn my head to the the right of me and see stamps on my peg board. That for like .47 cents a person will come by my house, pick up a letter, and deliver it to any place in the US hurts my head to ponder. I mean how cool is that?

I can bitch slap a lot of our government, but the postal service just FLAT OUT ROCKS!

Let me say this again.

For less than two quarters a person will come to my house, six days a week, and deliver a letter or package to me.

The Post Office in my small rural town is always busy. My dad likes to joke I have so much computer equipment in my house that its heat signature can be seen from space. But I talk to folks where I live and not everybody is like me. That is why from 9 AM to 6 PM the Post Office is always busy. It might not be something I use a lot, but the parking lot is always full so a lot of folks are using it.

We got something good going on here. The best in the world. Why do we have to fuck with it?

I will just end with this. My parents live about 250 miles away from me. My dad does still send me letters from time to time. Most times if he drops off a letter in the early AM, the first mail drop, say on a Thursday I get it Friday. I mean that is literally overnight.

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Originally posted to webranding on Sat Feb 09, 2013 at 10:57 PM PST.

Also republished by In Support of Labor and Unions.

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