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Supporter Mark Renner smokes at a rally for Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Fountain Hills, Arizona April 28, 2012. Arpaio, who styles himself as
Crap like this is just ONE of the reasons Latinos won't embrace GOP.
The New Republic, in an otherwise unexceptional piece about Fox News trying to market itself better to Latinos:
There are other issues too, like abortion and religion, where Hispanics’ views tend to align more closely with the GOP. After the presidential election, a Hispanic Leadership Network poll of four swing states found an average gap of 13 points between Latinos who considered themselves conservative and Latinos who actually voted for Romney. Ailes wants these people not just visiting Fox News Latino, but watching Fox News, too.

“I happen to think that the Latino audience is an essentially traditional audience and will go to Fox News for traditional American values,” Ailes says.

It's one thing for Ailes to live in fantasy land. He runs Fox News, after all. It's another thing for the New Republic to repeat this as though it was fact. The reality on choice:
Exit poll results found that about two-thirds of Hispanics (66%) said that abortion should be legal while 28% disagreed.  Among all voters, a somewhat smaller majority (59%) would allow legal abortions while 37% were opposed.
The reality on marriage equality:
Hispanic voters were more likely than other voters to say they would approve if their state recognized same-sex marriage, according to preliminary exit poll results.

Nearly six-in-ten Latino voters (59%) said their state should legally recognize same-sex marriage while 32% said their state should not.  But among all voters, about half (48%) favored legalization of gay marriage while nearly the same share said they would oppose it (47%).

That's not conjecture, or what Ailes "thinks," but hard, cold reality. The 2012 exit polls were clear that Latinos are far more liberal than the nation at large, and the reason is simple: Latinos are young. The median age of a natural-born Latino is 18. And as we know, the kids aren't assholes, no matter how much Ailes they were with his euphemistic "traditional American values."

And that's just the social stuff. Remember that on economic matters, Latinos are far more hostile toward capitalism than Occupy protesters. This is not a constituency that will be embracing Fox News anytime soon.


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Originally posted to kos on Mon Feb 11, 2013 at 12:13 PM PST.

Also republished by LatinoKos and Daily Kos.

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