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Faux "News" and Bing are conducting what they're modestly calling the "Largest Interactive State of the Union Experience in History":

Bing.com/Politics will keep people in the know from a vast number of news
sources and social feeds, including a live stream of the State of the Union
address, expert commentary, real-time social media sentiment tracking and
more, such as the following:

  o A live feed of President Obama's State of the Union address at
    Bing.com/politics, including commentary from FOX News Channel political
    experts. FoxNews.com will also feature additional analysis and commentary
    including multiple live video streams along with photo galleries from the
    event. Viewers can log on at: http://www.foxnews.com/....
  o The Bing Pulse online poll, which will feature updated results every few
    seconds throughout the speech. Unlike typical polls, Bing Pulse will allow
    people to self-identify as male or female, register their party
    affiliation, and join the conversation. It will feature a live count of
    the number of "pulses," or votes, along with a line graph of how users
    react to language and issues throughout the speech. Data will be split by
    gender and political affiliation.
  o Real-time news results using the Bing news selector that helps people
    navigate the news by filtering coverage from left-leaning and
    right-leaning sources.
  o Live sentiment analysis via Bing Beat, which will focus on real-time
    social sentiment across major issues, such as immigration, gun control and
    the fiscal cliff.
  o Original videos of former President Jimmy Carter and former House Speaker
    Newt Gingrich offering commentary on the State of the Union address.
  o A live feed of social conversations on Twitter so people can stay informed
    on what leading political pundits are saying about the speech.

The catch? You may have to watch the Faux "News" feed of the SOTU address, though I may try to access the site while watching on C-SPAN or MSNBC because for some twisted reason, I've always wanted to participate in a dial test.

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