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We almost had a pregnant model in my drawing class today, but she had her baby, so, you know, I imagine she wasn't in the mood to model.  We were focusing on values and my teacher said that it would have been perfect to draw her belly.  But we had another girl to draw and here's one of my drawings.

I like the elbow.  I was drawing her whole body for a couple drawings, but I happen to be on the side of her without a lot of lighting, so, as someone struggling to get this values drawing down, the incredibly subtle differences in values was really hard.  So, I finally zoomed in on the part of her that had some starker differences in value.  I think I did pretty okay for my first time.  

A funny little story on a side.  I am still getting used to drawing naked women.  I tend to use humor to get comfortable with things, so, here's a little humorous story.  I went to eat at a restaurant with my wife tonight and our server was a pretty young woman who had very large breasts and a pretty tight low cut shirt.  We usually eat there in the afternoon, so, she's never there.  

She was nice but a little tense.  But as the evening went along she grew more and more comfortable with us and by the end we were laughing and having a great time.  I was smiling to myself after she left the check because I knew why she had grown so comfortable over the evening.  It had happened many times before.  What happened, was that I didn't stare at her boobs.  At all.  Not even a glance.  

What can I say.  I respect women.  I don't look at them like objects.  I look at them like human beings.  I treat them like people.  And I have always had a comfortable time with women because they like being treated well.  And they notice pretty quick when a guy is actually treating them well.  As opposed to guys who probably stare down her shirt right in front of their wives.

So, there I was smiling at myself because I am such a good guy for not staring at strange women's breasts when I remembered that I had just spent almost 3 hours staring at a strange woman's naked breasts today.  

When we got in the car I told my wife about how the girl had grown more and more comfortable with us and she exclaimed that she had noticed that too, but didn't know why it had happened.  I told her that it happened pretty frequently.  And then I told her how I was feeling all proud of myself until remembering that I had been drawing a nude women earlier and she laughed really hard.

Then I told her that maybe my getting to draw nude women was my karmic reward for 38 years of being a gentleman and she laughed even harder.  Of course, she knows that it took me until I was 38 to study art because I was too shy to draw nudes and she knows that I am as faithful as the sun rising, so, it's just a silly joke to make.


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Originally posted to Anton Bursch on Tue Feb 12, 2013 at 07:00 AM PST.

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