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On today's episode of "Rush Limbaugh is an Idiot," Limbaugh  compared President Obama to other dictators in history who have not been blamed for the terrible events taking place under their leadership:


LIMBAUGH: Throughout history, dictators, for example, have never really been blamed for the bad for the things that happen in their countries. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, none of them were blamed by the rank and file citizenry. They were instead the leaders of the revolution. They were the great figures trying to change all the evil that was happening to everybody. Here's Obama. Let me prove this to you. I have for you a little sound bite 36 seconds people from the Frank Luntz focus group on Fox last night. Every one of these people voted for Mitt Romney these are swing voters in Santa Monica.


Those people all voted for Romney. And they, even the people who voted for Romney do not associate Obama with any of the problems in the country. This is what you and I are going to have to learn and learn fast. No matter what is said no matter what evidence happens no matter what's reported. It will not be possible to connect Obama to the negativity that his happening in this country because he is campaigning against it himself.


Limbaugh's "logic" and how you can help talk radio's $400 million golden boy take a pay cut after the break


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Limbaugh continues to bray his hysterical fringe "political analysis" despite the painfully obvious waning of the Tea Party movement.  

This movement achieved its meteoric growth (culminating in taking control of the House of Representatives in 2010)  using Limbaugh's patented technique of repeating crazy bullshit until the ill-informed start to believe it.  

Case in point: The Tea Party was named for the famous Boston protest against British tax policy in the colonies during the 1700s.  The modern version held rabid protests against tax rates as well, ignoring the fact that tax rates have never been lower in the past 30 years--and dipped even further during Obama's first term.

Limbaugh's rant today is similarly delusional.  He feels that Obama's "atrocities" (including net job growth despite a severe recession, ending an unnecessary and, according to the Nuremberg Tribunal, criminal war in Iraq, ending Don't Ask Don't Tell, passing comprehensive health care reform, etc.) don't receive enough play, just like his fellow "Dictator Hall of Shame" residents:
Adolf Hitler:  invaded Poland,  Denmark, Norway, France, Greece, Holland, Luxembourg, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, the Soviet Union, Belgium, Italy, and Egypt.  Killed 11 million in concentration camps.  Responsible for over 60 million deaths in World War 2

Joseph Stalin:  General Secretary of Communist Party of USSR for 30 years.  Repressive policies including system of gulags and famine resulting from failed agricultural policies led directly to deaths of more than 15 million.

Mao Zedong:  Chairman of Communist Party of China for 31 years.  Policies led to unnecessary deaths of more than 70 million, 45 million between 1958 and 1962 alone during the "Great Leap Forward"

Fidel Castro:  led Cuba from 1951 to 2011.  Known for crushing political dissent (sometimes using execution), repressing religious freedoms, and imprisoning homosexuals.

And then there's Barack Obama.

How much longer will conservatives in this nation allow this reckless idiot to count himself the de-facto head of the Republican Party?  When will they start to distance themselves from his extremist views and allow him to go the way of the Tea Party?  Judging from new GOP darling  Marco Rubio's appearance on the Rush Limbaugh Show  just two weeks ago, that shift has yet to begin.

Are you interested in helping hold Rush Limbaugh accountable for his hateful attacks and reckless disregard for the truth?  There is a successful movement underway called StopRush which works by educating Limbaugh sponsors about his rhetoric.  Find out how you can help below:

Join:  The Flush Rush Facebook community
Visit:  The StopRush sponsor database
Tweet:  #stoprush Twitter campaign

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